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iCare Lobby

For a secured lobby, automated attendance, messaging and more.

Look professional and make it easy for all – parents, teachers, staff, drivers and yourself.
  • Parent checking children in.
  • Automated wireless door security.
  • Lobby question with multiple-choice answers.

Parent Portal

For parents for online enrollment, payment processing and parent-teacher communication.

Collaborate with parents to simplify your business……and for better care of children.
  • Processing an online payment.
  • Updating family data.
  • Reviewing teacher notes.
  • Registering a child in an Offered Program.

Teacher Portal

For teachers to access rosters, class attendance and communicate with parents on children’s activities and development milestones.

Tremendously improve teacher participation… – teachers will love it and parents will too.
  • Entering a new activity note.
  • Class or program roster.

iCare Admin

For you for simplified enrollment, scheduling, attendance, recordkeeping and accounting.

“It’’s miles ahead of how we were doing it,”’ says a center administrator.
  • Recurring billing setup.
  • Sending a broadcast email.
  • Offered Programs.

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iCare Admin, Parent Portal and Teacher Portal
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iCare Lobby
Lobby Movie – 0.5 minutes

And, see what it does for your type of business.

 Centers, Preschools And Montessori

Manage your offered programs and fee contracts in the easiest and most accurate way.

You will love the automated recurring billing and payment processing and the simplicity of batch adjustments, if needed. Even the extra hours, days and late pick-ups are billed automatically. And, a lot more...

Run your programs more efficiently and save time and money.

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Drop-In Centers

The parents, teachers and you will love the comprehensive iCare drop-in system.

It includes flexible rates, pre-paid packages, children’'s activity notes, check-in and check-out tickets and even coupons. And, the self-check-out for parents will further reduce your work.

Finally, you’ will spend more time with the children and they'’ll love the attention and care.

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Afterschool Care

More control. Yet, more handsfree.

Before and afterschool care in iCare is a complete system that includes flexible billing methods, scheduling by admins or parents, billing by schedules or attendance, special day overrides and many configurable options for your business rules.

Afterschool management has never been easier than with iCare!

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Classes and Camps

iCare'’s classes and camps system is extremely simple to start with and use.

Yet, it is highly developed to handle complex business rules to save you time and eliminate your losses. Integrated with the Parent Portal, it will let parents register online and process their payments. It will also simplify handling of the waiting list.

Simplicity without compromising necessities!

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FDC Placement Agencies

Bringing it all together - you, subsidies, providers, drivers, parents and children.

iCare will help you with subsidy vouchers, placement of children with providers, provider training and certification, management of drivers, and full AR and AP side invoicing .

Get a comprehensive iCare system to manage your unique business.

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