Parent - Teacher Engagement

Parent - Teacher

Journaling, Photos
and Chat

Profitable, Stress-free Management

Profitable, Stress-free

Administration, Program
Management and Payments

iCare is for childcare centers, Montessori, preschools, afterschool care, enrichment programs and camps.



Engaging Families in Early Childhood Education

iCare’s unique notes categorization and reuse method provides teachers the fastest way to make journal entries in categories such as: circle time activity, toilet training, story time, grace and courtesy, writing, and math.

Parents get a Daily Report by email once a day and can also opt or to receive instant messages throughout the day.

There’s nothing quite like iCare.

Photo Sharing


What a treat for parents to instantly receive photos of their children at play, or get to look at their art work throughout the day. It will make any parent’s day!

Point, click and share using any phone or tablet.

With just a phone or a tablet and iCare, teachers can do a lot of wonderful things:

  • Photos can speak a great deal for your center and parents will surely love to share them. It is a great way to promote your center.
  • The ‘Photo Likes’ feature will tell you a lot about which programs are working and which are not.
  • And, they are a great way to build loyalty with the parents.

Create memories you will cherish forever!

Instantaneous chat


Have a problem? Need advice from a parent? Or, want to tell them what an awesome job their child is doing today?

Or, want to discuss something with another teacher?

Go to chat and click on a teacher or parent’s name.

Or, go through history to understand a child’s behavior better.

Investigate and solve problems instantly.

Eliminate administrative work


Easy to use methods, like: automated notifications, smart reporting and participation of all stakeholders will eliminate most repetitive tasks in enrollment, record keeping, attendance, security, report making, messaging and staffing.

Eliminate routine work and enormously reduce time spent in administration.

The most simplified program and class management system

Program Management

Easily set up all your childcare and school-age programs. Let parents or administrators enroll the children.

With the least effort you’ll be able to control enrollment, class capacity, scheduling, staffing, and tuition fee billing.

(Click here for Drop-in Care and here for FDC Placement Agency.)

The most simplified program and class management system.

Direct Deposit


The best payment processing solution.

Direct Deposit

iCare's secure, automated payments process will collect fees on-time and accurately.

No more late payments and never miss a payment.

It Saves Money

Reduce your credit card or ACH processing cost as compared to all major processors – like Square, PayPal and Apple Pay.

Save Even More Money

If you process more than $50,000 per month, then our corporate services representative will help you further reduce your cost.

Center Security

Center Security

Install the wireless iCare Door Switch to secure your building and allow only authorized people to enter.

Simple hands-free security.

Data Security

Data Security

iCare is hosted on the world’s most secure and highest performing Cloud servers – Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS is HIPPA compliant!

Pricing – the free and the premium

Free Sign Up

All features of the product are free to all stakeholders – administrators, teachers, parents and providers. Limitations are:

  • Free up to an enrollment of 500 active children; there is no limit on graduated/deactivated children. (For higher enrollment contact sales@icaresoftware.com for pricing.)
  • Free up to 1,000 emails and text messages per month. (Thereafter $10 per 5,000 emails and text messages.)
  • Daily Reports are free but not Instant Messaging. (See details under Premium Features.)

Premium Features

INSTANT MESSAGING (journal, photos and chat)

Parents can opt for instant updates on the journal and photos and have access to instant chat with the teachers for a basic subscription of $2 per month. This subscription can be paid by the parents or the school.

DAILY REPORTS (journal and photos)
With free sign-up, the journal entries and photos are sent to the parents at the end of the day as a Daily Report.

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