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About Us

Who we are

Our Co-founders, have an experience of around 20 years in serving the child care and day care management businesses. They have been working towards making a world class product for the child care industry and have extra-ordinary leadership qualities that helps the team and product thrive under their guidance. Their enthusiasm and ambition for the child care business is the driving force behind the success of our product.

Our Development Team is dedicated to improve center management, parent-teacher engagement and child development process. We are always open for new ideas and enhancements in the application. All your issues are taken care of by our development team with utmost priority.

Our System Analysts take pride in finding simple solutions for difficult problems without compromising customer requirements. We build a software that is easy to learn and use, yet, handles your advanced and complex needs.

Our Support Staff has years of experience working with education providers and administrators. They understand your needs and are always open to help you with the easiest methods to utilize iCare application for meeting those needs.

Our Designers are experts in building web interfaces. Their designs are easy to understand and use. They are always eager to work on responsiveness of the application, so it works effortlessly on all devices – desktops, tablets and phones.

Our Marketing and Sales Team is always dedicated towards providing you a humble service. They continuously work to gather information for analyzing and understanding user needs. Your special requirements may be addressed to our Sales team for further analysis.

Our team also includes a Developmental Specialist, who can assist you with customizing your children’s journal or address all your developmental concerns. This will help you utilize iCare Journal to understand and improve their developmental process.

Our Company

Orgamation Technologies Inc. are the developers of iCare Software, a world class childcare management software service. Our company was established in the year 1997 and has served the education industry since with the best software services to manage child care businesses like,

  • Childcare centers
  • Preschools and Montessori
  • After school program
  • Drop-in care
  • Enrichment programs and camps
  • Provider agencies

What we Value

As a company we focus on development of a potential product to achieve outstanding results for our users. Our company approach is to build a highly adaptable product keeping in mind, the industry specific requirements and compliances.

We believe in a mutual environment for innovation and success. Pursuing ideas that can help the child care industry achieve high quality standards has been our most valued asset. We continuously work towards leveraging our expertise in child care management technologies and developing a high-performing childcare software service.

Our Mission is to provide the best child care and day care management software service for the education industry.

Our Goal is to develop a high-quality, responsive and user-friendly childcare management application.

Our Product

iCare Software is a cloud-based web application, to ease the administrative and managerial tasks of the education centers worldwide. A Child care management software to manage enrollments, scheduling, attendance, accounting, payments, and parent-teacher communication at your institution.

An all-in-one product, iCare is mature and has been developed to meet the high standards of child care programs all over the globe. The product is ever developing and our team is continuously working on Deep Learning methods to make the application smarter.

iCare Software

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