#1 Childcare Management Software for administrators, teachers and parents

iCare Admin

For you for simplified enrollment, scheduling, attendance, recordkeeping and accounting.

"It'?s miles ahead of how we were doing it,"? says a center administrator.

Save time and money with iCare Management Software.

  • Recurring billing setup.
  • Broadcasting emails.
  • Offered Programs.


  • Managing the enrollment process.
    Application processing notes.
    Application tracking fields.
  • Reaching out to prospective or alumni families.
    Marketing your school.


Simplify and eliminate paperwork.
  • Preprogrammed immunization schedule of every state.
  • User-definable medical and health tracking fields.
  • User-definable records tracking fields.
  • Managing teacher-child ratios.
  • Live teacher-child ratio ticker.
  • Attendance trends and summaries.
  • Automated reminders to parents.
  • Set up how alerts are sent.
  • Set up when alerts are sent.
  • Automated alerts and notifications.
  • Notifications to admin.
  • Notifications to parents - on immunization, medical and other requirements.


  • Automate many types of recurring charges.
    Recurring billing setup.
  • Manage subsidy, private and copay accounts.
    Fee and schedules - family contracts and subsidy vouchers.
Batch billing adjustments.
  • Posting a custom billing batch.
  • Posting a batch of credits and adjustments.

Payments and accounting

Simplify your accounting with the use of the Parent Portal.
  • Customizing the parent portal.
Payment processing.
  • Posting a payment batch.
  • Batch credit card or ACH processing.
  • Lowering your processing cost by recovering transaction fee from parents (if allowed).
  • Transaction fee recovery setup.
  • Displaying transaction fee to parents.
Account Register.
  • Managing individual and subsidy accounts.
General Ledger and financial reporting.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Chart of Accounts.


Time-clock and payroll data.
  • Staff time-card report.
  • Leaves management.
  • Simplified staff scheduling.
    Staff scheduler.
  • Notes feature for staffing management.
    Tracking staff activities and training.


Individual and batch messaging.
  • Messaging via lobby.
  • Texting to phones.
  • Broadcast emails.
  • Individually crafted emails (Email-merge).
Lobby questions - quick interaction with parents.
  • Sample daily question - lunch choice for the day.
  • Sample one-time question - field trip choice.


Working with reports - Working View and Printing View.
  • Drill-down, accounting, math functions and messaging commands.
  • Link to Excel.
Modifying reports through custom filtering.
  • Filtering by date and data types.
Custom reports using Data Browser.
  • Data Browser - building custom reports by point-and-click or by data queries.
  • Saving custom reports.
  • Related reports - alternate versions (views) of reports.
    Flexibility of multiple report views.
  • Exporting data.
    To Excel or many other formats like XML, CSV and ODBC.
Graphical views and dashboard.
  • Loading profile sample - averaged over 12 months.
  • Viewing data graphically - income over last 12 months.

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