#1 Childcare Management Software for administrators, teachers and parents

Program Management

iCare is programmed to fit the business needs of different early education programs. Easy to set up and easy to use...it will immensely simplify the way you manage your business.

Get the right tool for managing your programs.
Configuring iCare for your Business Model
  • Configuring iCare - selecting your business model.
  • Configuring iCare - selecting features to use.
Simply select your business model and operational preferences - for scheduling and attendance - to fit iCare to your needs.

Centers, Preschools and Montessori

  • Setting up Offered Schedules.
    Offered schedules - fee and scheduling options, Parent Portal options and other preferences.
  • Simplified scheduling of children by parents or administrators.
    Online scheduling by parents.
    Scheduling by administrators.
Automated posting of recurring fees through the Day Ending Process.
  • Starting the recurring billing triggers.
  • Recurring charges example - weekly cycle.
  • Overage charges example - attendance over schedule.
  • Automated charges example - late pickup.
  • Setting up billing preferences.
Teacher-child ratio control.
  • Checked-in children.
  • Attendance summaries - ratio compliance, FTE analysis and staffing trends.
Food Program - meals served and CACFP reimbursement.
  • Manual or automated data entry.
  • Summary report for CACFP reimbursement.
Daily activity notes and development milestones.
  • Setting up categories.
  • Communication with parents - replies and responses to notes.

Drop-In Centers

  • Simplified management for administrators.
    Fully integrated check-in and check-out processing.
  • Or, self-check-out by parents.
    Check-in, check-out and payment processing by parents.
Cashier shift and cash reconciliation.
  • Cash drawer operation preferences.
  • Cashier reconciliation overview.
Flexible rates for accurate and simplified billing.
  • Number of children based rate.
  • Caps on minimum and maximum charges per visit.
  • Overrides for special days and times - fro example, Friday evenings.
Prepaid packages and coupons.
  • Prepaid money packages.
  • Prepaid hours packages.
Child notes - better informed parents, increased loyalty.
  • Activity and development notes.
  • Child notes with billing option.

Afterschool Care

Flexible setup for meeting different needs.
  • Creating scheduling and attendance options.
  • Setting up billing rates.
  • Special days setup.
    Rules for school half-days and closing-days.
  • Monthly scheduling calendar.
    Scheduling by parents.
    Scheduling by administrators.

Classes and Camps

Flexible class setup.
  • Setting up schedule, fee, capacity, sites, instructor and parental options
  • Reviewing and managing class registrations.
Class registration.
  • By parents through Parent Portal.
  • By staff using iCare admin.
  • Class enrollment management.
    Monitoring the waitlist.
  • Rate chart for classes.
    Setting up billing rules.

FDC Placement Agencies

Voucher management.
  • Setting up subsidy fee and family copays.
Subsidy invoicing.
  • Setting up Subsidy Billing Rates
  • Creating a custom billing batch.
  • Reviewing the subsidy invoice.
Busing management.
  • Adding driver route to a child'’s voucher.
  • Rate chart for drivers.
  • Generating (AP-side) driver invoices.
Provider invoicing.
  • Provider database.
  • Setting up provider billing rates.
  • Generating (AP-side) provider invoices.
Provider training and certification tracking.
  • Working status of providers.
  • House visits sheets

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