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The iCare Engineering Team

iCare Software is handled by a world-class engineering team. Every one in it takes enormous pride in our work for early education, working hard every day to bring you better and better products and service. A wicked-awesome bunch...building their own Bostonian legacy.
    Cofounder and RE (Responsible for Everything).
    He works in almost all areas of the company – UI design, product development, testing, technical writing and tech support. He has a PhD in engineering from Purdue. Watching him work you’ll think his degree is in customer care. He is the reason our whole company is completely customer-crazy. He is also the driving force that pushed everyone in making iCare simple and beautiful.

    Cofounder and RPR (Responsible for Profitability and Product Releases).

    When something goes wrong she is a pain in the __ for everyone and when things go well she has the best smile you’ll ever see. Seriously though, the company is profitable and growing because of her sense of urgency. She has a BA in education from India and a BA in fine arts from Purdue; an ideal combination for being in the childcare industry. It’s her love for children and childcare that the company was started in the first place and now that we have added the teacher and parent portals and are working on the child development process, it is nice to see her true passion taking shape.

    RMF (Responsible for Moving Forward).

    Sparsh is a true strategist, who is always questioning whether we are doing only the most important things – developing the right products and putting the right resources into those efforts. While getting his MBA from Harvard, he along with a batch-mate took our business case as an independent study course. They also got a Harvard professor, one of the leading experts in the world on child development, to work with them. Many of the ideas from that study are at the core of what we are working on now.
  • VJ

    RFT (Responsible for Finishing Today).

    He is our manager of development and a senior developer. There is no product enhancement that he doesn’t want to get done right today. And, there is nothing that cannot be done even if it requires learning new development skills. Developers should work with him for a day to learn a thing or two about attitude. Half-way through explaining to him a new feature, a database query or a billing procedure, he will know exactly what you need and how to implement it. He has a little daughter who expects daddy to be home on time every evening otherwise he would work all night.
  • KALA

    RMD (Responsible for Minute Details).

    Kala is a pleasure all around; a wonderful person to work with for us inside the company and for our customers. She has a BS in engineering but if you saw her testing billing scenarios, you’ll think she is surely a CPA. She thinks that if the billing is off by a penny for any customer then that money will come out of her retirement account. She is truly cool headed under any situation and a stickler for details. She is raising two of the smartest kids that you will ever meet.

    RCA (Responsible for Causing Awe).

    Deniz is a robotics and games development student. He has been working for us for the last few months and has turned out to be an amazing UI and graphics designer. He helped us build a radical and amazing interface for the portals and is now designing UIs for mobile apps. Whatever Deniz puts his hands on becomes so simple and so beautiful that at first you question whether it is really real. And, then you show it to others and this is what you get – ‘we totally love it’, ‘awesome’ and frequently an utter silence of wonder.

    RSS (Responsible for Simplicity and Smartness).

    Priya loves smart, cool things—gadgets, games and software. Whichever feature in iCare she works on, she wants to make it better. She is very competitive too. Her daughter’s center was raising money for a charity by auctioning children’s artwork. She bid $10 for one of her daughter’s paintings. Next day her husband teasingly outbid her at $12 for the same painting. She was very distraught and decided not to lose to her husband. At work, she is also completely awesome on the phone with the customers; the sweetest and the most helpful voice you’ll ever hear. She has a BS in engineering.
  • ANU

    ROU (Responsible for Onboarding of New Customers and UX Improvement).

    Anu’s whole focus in on making life easier for admins, teachers and parents. And, she loves cool stuff too, so she always want to add that extra panache in whatever she is working on. She is raising a son and a daughter and is lucky to have a super-scientist husband who shares in every responsibility. She also has amazing phone skills and can easily understand the most complicated requirements from any customer. And, then doesn’t give up until the requirements are carried over properly through design and development. She has a BS in engineering.
  • JAY

    RHT (Responsible for High Volume Transactions).

    Jay is our newest addition. He is a highly experienced developer coming from a software house running a high-volume travel portal. He is a thorough backend coder, specializing in transaction processing and web services. He has a BS in engineering. He is a good family man and is raising a wonderful daughter.

    RTU (Responsible for Technology Decisions and UI Simplification).

    Sam, which is another one of his real names, has a BS in electrical engineering from CMU and a MS in the same from UC Berkeley. He has an amazing knack for evaluating technology, learning anything new and for simplicity. Since late 2012, when he started working on our UI designs, iCare has changed very fast. It has become very simple and amazingly easy to get started with.
  • MATT

    RSU (Responsible for Scalability, Security and User Experience).

    Matt takes Windows servers seriously in his talking, walking, writing, blogging and whatever, 24 X 7. He started with a BS in electrical engineering but finally found his peace in server architecture. He knows it and does it everyday. He pretty much knows everything there is to know about Windows servers and fortunately this is what our AWS Cloud platform is built on. He would also truly work 24 X 7 had it not been for his little daughters too. He has a masters in computer networks also.

    RSE (Responsible for Smart and Elegant Frontend).

    Siju loves technology—ASP, .NET, HTML and CSS. Tell him want you want and don’t worry about how crazy it is. He will develop it quickly and make it look beautiful. We wanted to make the iCare portals to be very simple, unique, smart and elegant. Deniz did the designs and others the backend. Siju took over the frontend and delivered an awesome one. Not having a child yet, he and his wife love international travel. He has a masters in software architecture.

    RTQ (Responsible for Training and Quality).

    Like many of us she is also involved in many things such as – training, testing, customer needs and technical writing. Annie has kind of a Jekyll and Hyde personality. In company meetings you can’t get anything even slightly imperfect past her; but in customer trainings, she is extremely understanding and compassionate of the customer’s needs. Everyone loves to work with her and so will you when you are on the phone with her. Annie has a BS in engineering and two beautiful young children. (Annie is currently on leave to take care of her mother-in-law.)
  • RAJ

    RRA (Responsible for Reports and Analytics).

    Raj is a highly experienced developer. He is working on beautifying the standard reports in iCare and developing new patterns and flow for the iCare dashboard.
  • ROY

    RSR (Responsible for Smart Reporting).

    Roy is a long-time experienced desktop application developer. He is currently working on developing smart reporting tools to be added in iCare Admin. These tools will make iCare reporting more flexible and assist the admin in faster access and shaping of data.

    RMW (Responsible for Mobile Wireless Interface).

    Nithin knows Android tablets and creating programs for Google’s mobile operating system. He makes things interact with Android tablets wirelessly. He is responsible for making iCare Lobby smarter and easier to set up.

    RMI (Responsible for Mobile Interface Development).

    Sandi is developing new interfaces for iPad and Android tablets. He will also be involved in the development on new mobile apps.

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