6 ways child care management software resolves your sea of challenges

6 ways child care management software resolves your sea of challenges

Managing a child care center means being responsible for every aspect of a business, from finance to developmental milestone tracking. And because it all falls on the administrator, it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task to do alone. Child care management software can fix six key challenges that you are facing.

1. Accurate and complete bills

Improper billing can cost child care centers more than just tuition fees. It can cost you your clients, which is a hefty price to pay. The great part about child care management software is that it syncs your billing to attendance

With integration between what happens in the classroom and the price you charge your customers, you don’t have to do extra work to accommodate special schedules. iCare Software will automatically bill your customers based on the presets that you design. So if you want to offer hourly rates, half days, after hours, part-time and full-time pricing options, iCare can make billing those option simple.

2. Timely payment collection

Administrators could make a full-time job out of checking in to make sure all clients pay their tuition each week. But let’s be honest, no one wants to do that. Child care management software allows you to take all major credit cards or ACH automatic draws on the schedule that you set.

Plus, iCare Software allows users to run reports to see when credit cards are expiring. That means that before a credit card ever expires and your client misses a payment, you get a notification so you can update the card accordingly.

3. Parent-teacher engagement

Parents feel more engaged in their child’s care when they have open lines of communication with their child’s teachers. Child care management software opens up new communication channels between parents and teachers so that they can stay engaged in their child’s care even when they can’t be there.

iCare Software enables teachers to send messages to parents throughout the day if they have a question or want to share an accomplishment. And for the really special moments, teachers can share photos of a child’s day to help parents feel connected and know that their child is receiving outstanding care and attention.

4. Alignment of curriculum and development guidelines

Children have developmental guidelines and milestones that they should hit at each phase of life. Teachers should monitor these developmental milestones to watch for delays to help parents seek help if their child needs it.

Additionally, classroom activities should be appropriate for the stage of development that a child is experiencing. Child care management software can help guide teachers in planning activities according to development guidelines so that children are learning age appropriate skills.

5. Licensing documentation upkeep

Each state and local jurisdiction has different licensing requirements. Some licensing requirements mean doing regular upkeep, such as tracking immunization records, on an ongoing basis to keep your license.

Child care management software provides a space for you to track all necessary information for your licensure documentation. That way, when it’s time to renew your child care license, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

6. Optimal staff schedules

Your child care center’s staffing should be based on your students’ attendance. But without attendance insights or capacity tracking, this can be difficult. Child care management software gives you insights into attendance so that you can schedule your teachers accordingly.

Overstaffing means spending extra money for teachers you don’t actually need, while understaffing puts your students at risk and can mean your license gets revoked. iCare Software offers reports and information that help you make informed staffing decisions. Know when you need a substitute teacher or when your attendance will be so low that you can ask your floating teacher to not come in that day.

iCare Software is a leading child care management software. To see how we can resolve your sea of challenges, schedule a demo today.

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