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The iCare Team


Founder and CEO

Umesh’s mission is to provide easy solutions for complex management problems in the childcare and early education market. For this reason, we rebuilt iCare from ground up as iCare Next Gen.


Founder and COO

Nibha has worked as a banker and a teacher of young children. She is making sure that we are running an efficient organization in all aspects – finance, internal operation, and customer satisfaction.

Mary Ellen

Head of Marketing

Mary Ellen is a seasoned online marketer who joined the iCare Team in late 2017. Finally, iCare has a champion who wants to bring it out of obscurity and let the market know about it.


Strategist (in memoriam)

Sparsh is a true strategist, who made sure that iCare and Orgamation are going in the right direction. He, along with a colleague, studied our ideas and market needs as a case study at HBS. Much of what we are building is based on that study.


Technology Evangelist

Sam did the ground work for iCare Next Gen and its UI/UX. A PhD in engineering from UC Berkeley, his goal is to make sure that iCare has a clear and distinct technological advantage in the market and that our solutions are most user-friendly in all regards.


Product Evangelist

Rebekah is a highly experienced marketing writer. She is gradually building the content on iCare that will help the administrators, teachers and parents understand how iCare will help them achieve their goals.


Customer Success Champion

Ed feels we must figure out what every customer truly needs and deliver the best solution in the fastest possible time.


Lead Developer and Product Delivery

Vijay is playing a key role in the business logic in iCare. We take great pride in delivering solid business logic that solves the difficult problems of the various segments of the market – including, centers, preschools, Montessori, afterschool care, enrichment classes, drop-in, and FDC agencies.


Lead Developer

Ashutosh is focused on architectural consistency and performance of the product. He develops transaction code in iCare for the different business models.


Lead UI/UX Designer and Developer

Tej quickly understands functionality requirements and designs great user-friendly interfaces. He is an accomplished UI developer, as well, building fully responsive UI.


Lead Developer

Vijendra earlier worked on a resource allocation system for a state government. He wants to improve performance, security and transaction consistency in iCare.


Sr. Developer

Pankaj is responsible for developing the core logic for the registration and enrollment processes, and the report center.


Sr. Developer

Kapil is responsible for the development of the childcare features – Journal and Photos – and our internal CRM system built to improve customer satisfaction.


QA Engineer

Krishan is responsible for the business logic and the overall quality of the product in every build.


QA Engineer

Shyamala is responsible for the business logic and the overall quality of the product in every build.


Onboarding Support

Kinjalk is focused on improving the onboarding experience of new customers and resolving problems of existing customers through documentation, notifications and communication with them.



An experienced developer with math smarts – dedicated to keeping iCare the best in the world in billing/business logic.


QA Engineer

Kajal is an experienced test automation engineer. Her goal is to automate the testing of the transaction system for high reliability in new builds.



Gunjan previously worked in robotics. Her goal is to produce architecturally solid code in the business areas of iCare.



Angad did robotics engineering in college. He is working on coding and reports.


Server Tech

Matthew maintains our Cloud servers.

iCare Software

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