Childcare Management Software

iCare Software Team


Team iCare is dedicated to the overall success of your childcare business – your profitability, your
operational efficiency, saving your time, loyalty from your customers, empowerment of your teachers,
and most importantly improving the outcome of your children’s development.


Umesh’s mission is to provide the easiest solutions for complex management problems in the childcare and early education space. For this reason, we have built America’s best childcare management app and have put together the best delivery team.


Nibha has worked as a banker and a teacher of young children. She is making sure that we are running an efficient organization ourselves in all aspect – finance, internal operations, and customer satisfaction.


Sam did the groundwork for iCare Next Gen and its UI/UX. A PhD in engineering from UC Berkeley, his goal is to make sure that iCare has distinct technological and strategic advantages in the market and that our solutions are most user-friendly in all regards.

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen is a seasoned online marketer who joined the iCare Team in late 2017. Finally, iCare has a champion who wants to bring iCare out of obscurity and let the market know about it.


Chief Strategist
(in memoriam)
A true strategist at heart, Sparsh made sure that iCare and Orgamation are going in the right direction. He, along with a colleague, studied our ideas and market needs as a case study at HBS. Much of what we are building is based on that study.


Debbie maintains our books and makes sure that your iCare subscription and invoicing are perfectly accurate and done on a timely manner.

Chief Consultants

Dedication to your success in the quickest way possible is what our consultation team is all about.

Modernizing your operation is not about making you change your business, which you took years to perfect. But to fit a modern childcare management system to your business model. They have a collective experience of 80+ years as management consultants in the childcare market.

The CCs will take the time to understand your pain points and needs and will clearly show you the benefits and ease of migrating to iCare.

They will also properly hand you over to the CSM team for a smooth transition and a quick go live for you.


Kurt is a veteran of 20+ years of the childcare market. Listening to you and finding what you need, want, and desire is his only priority. You will absolutely love working with him.


In Chris you’ll find one of the most empathetic software consultants you’ll ever meet. He will completely understand what you need and make sure the right solution is delivered to you. Your transition will be easy and fast.


To help you understand how to implement new technology in your center, Wendy, a 20+ year veteran, is who you need. She has helped thousands to center owners and directors make perfect management decisions.


Jennifer is an insider of the childcare market. She has considerable experience is office administration, CDA certification, subsidy contracts, and federal grants. In her, you’ll find a boat load of childcare business acumen. Use her to improve your business prospects in a comprehensive way.

Steven C

Steve is a 20-year veteran from the K-12 enterprise space working as a director-level consultant. He is currently researching the public-school market for iCare. If you are a school district purchaser or program director, he can get you started with automating your afterschool care program.

Product Evangelists

The iCare App is the best-kept secret of the childcare market. Our PEs are not giving in
into this notion. They want to tell you all about our product and service and why you need it to
modernize your business operation.


Sandi has promoted many products in her career, which started as a marketing manager at Hertz. She is super energized in getting our message to you in way that resonates with your specific business needs.


Rebekah is a highly experienced marketing writer. She is building the content on iCare that will help the administrators, teachers and parents understand how iCare will help them achieve their goals.


Another go-getter on our team. She is trying many ways to reach you and get you connected to a BDE consultant for a needs survey.


Ruchi is fast closing on all the marketing gaps we have so other centers like you can find us quickly through web searches. She is dedicated to build our brand image further.

BDE Consultants

Enjoy connecting with our BDE team – ultra friendly, careful listeners, asking the right questions, and
focused on your success. They will understand your needs and pain points quickly and get you to the
next step of implementation quickly.


Sean is an experience EdTech consultant. He has helped several SMBs go digital. Get enormous attention when you connect with him.


Will is an allrounder, who excelled at the engineering school, stage acting, show producer, and promoter. Have fun when you speak to him.


Ash, an MBA, with multi-national consulting firm experience. Your needs and pain points take a deeper understanding with him. Be assured that your implementation is moving in the right direction.


Prior to joining the iCare BDE team Yash was a Senior EdTech Consultant. He has helped many institutions make good choices in implementing modern technology.


Prior to joining the iCare BDE team Steven was an EdTech consultant team manager. He has helped many institutions make good choices in implementing modern technology.


Prior to joining the iCare BDE team Adam was a Senior EdTech Consultant. He has helped many institutions make good choices in implementing modern technology.

Customer Success Managers

Our CSMs are business analysts. They’ll write down every detail of your needs and get you onboarded
easily and fast. Profitability and efficiency of your business is their focus. Your success means everything
to them.

They are also a great place for you to suggest product enhancements and improvements.


You will love working with Boi, a super energetic CSM who will do anything to get you the answers you need or to solve any problem you are facing.


Before joining the iCare team he worked as a consultant in the EdTech space. Try him out. You’ll love the interaction.


Before joining the iCare team he worked as a senior CSM at a large accounting/operations software firm. A deeply engaged CSM who will be a great asset to our team and for fulfilling your needs.


Before joining the iCare team she worked as a consultant in a couple of multi-national business consulting firms. A deeply engaged CSM who will be a great management asset for you.


(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)


The iCare engineering team delivers high quality code at breakneck speed. Our development velocity is
super high. It is because of this we deliver most customer requests almost instantly; many times, within a
one-day turnaround. Try us!


Head of Delivery
We take great pride in delivering solid business logic that solves the difficult problems of the various segments of the market – including, centers, preschools, Montessori, afterschool care, enrichment classes, drop-in, and placement agencies. As the head of delivery, VJ makes sure everything is delivered with highest quality and extremely fast.


Lead Engineer/ Architect
Ash is focused on architectural consistency and performance of the product. He makes sure all transaction code in iCare for the different business models is done in the best way possible.


Lead Designer
Taje quickly understands functionality requirements and designs great user-friendly interfaces. He is an accomplished UI/UX developer, as well, building fully responsive designs.


Senior Engineer
Harry has developed some of the most difficult features of iCare. A quiet guy who quickly builds a deep understanding of the requirements. When he talks it is extremely reassuring that you are in the right hands.


Quality Manager
Shyamala is responsible for the business logic and the overall quality of the product in every build. She is also part of the delivery and onboarding team making sure of a smooth transaction to iCare for you.


Quality Manager
Krish is responsible for the business logic and the overall quality of the product in every build. He is also part of the delivery and onboarding team making sure of a smooth transaction to iCare for you.


Senior Engineer
Kip has worked on many iCare features for the office and classroom functionalities. He has also developed our internal CRM systems built to improve customer satisfaction.


Software Engineer
A good analytic thinker who produces reliable, user-friendly code.


Software Engineer
Angad did robotics engineering in college. He writes code but most importantly manages the reports and reporting tools of iCare.


QA & Documentation
Kani understands all the use cases of iCare. She manages the Customer Support Forum with utmost urgency. She is also our training videos planner and scripter.


Server Admin
Mo is a highly experienced AWS server tech. He makes sure our Cloud servers are running securely and efficiently.


Professionals who are helping you understand our product and service better.


Joe is a highly experienced enterprise software tutor. His narrations are well planned and well thought out. You’ll find every training video made by him very easy to understand. Watching them will make you an instant expert on that subject.


Media Designer
Zeljko is creative and artistic. Graphics and illustrations made by him always get the point across in a succinct and beautiful way. The postcards and flyers you received were designed by him. Did you like them?

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