How To Provide A Safe After-School Care Environment

When providing after-school care, you are responsible for always keeping the children and teenagers safe. While some accidents are unavoidable, constantly looking for opportunities to improve safety and reduce risks will ensure the safest environment to care for school-aged children. Administrators are responsible for preventing accidents and illnesses. With the right policies and oversight, you […]

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5 Professional Qualities that Stand Out in Preschool Centers

Childcare can be a challenging profession. There are 5 qualities that the really great childcare professionals tend to have. Here are those qualities so you can watch out for them as you work to build a winning team. Patience A great preschool teacher or administrator is patient because young children tend to ask repeat questions and need constant reminders of the same things over and over again. Children have energy galore and may need to be pulled back into the learning scene repeatedly

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