iCare Childcare Management Software

Build utmost customer loyalty with
iCare software.

Engage your parents and delight them.

You can make a parent’s day with just one photo. Share a little update on what a child is doing today and you’ll build trust and loyalty with parents. From photos to chat sessions, iCare Software helps you stay in touch all day long soyou can collaborate and share in the childcare process.

Modern management software for childcare adminstration


Parents like having insights into their children’s activities throughout the day. This transparency helps build relationships with teachers and trust. The more transparent your childcare center is, the easier you can market yourself.

iCare software to manage work and tasks of childcare centers


Busy, and often tired, parents need things to be simple. Parents appreciate online bill pay so they can pay when and where it is convenient for them. Automate the process and they’ll love you even more. iCare Software makes it possible for you to automate recurring payments.

Build your customer trust by childcare management software


Keep parents engaged in their child’s education through strong communication. The more you communicate, the more connected parents can feel. Share details about a child’s day, so that parents can easily pick up where you left off with a child’s care.

iCare software to manage students enrollments


Help parents understand how their child is doing with their education. However, they don’t always have time for chitchat at pick up and drop off. iCare Software makes it simple to share journal notes digitally on what a child is up to and how they are doing developmentally.

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