A Typical Mid-size Center can Earn up to $10,000 Additional Revenue through Late Pickup Billing

Improper and untimely billing is a major source of financial and operational headaches for childcare centers. And these headaches bring up many questions for childcare administrators, including: Do you know…

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Concerned about the authenticity of your attendance records?

Documenting accurate attendance can affect your billing and finances, so it’s a crucial aspect of your child care business. Plus, taking time to discuss attendance with your clients after delivering…

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6 ways child care management software resolves your sea of challenges

Managing a child care center means being responsible for every aspect of a business, from finance to developmental milestone tracking. And because it all falls on the administrator, it can…

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Stop working long hours in your child care center

Amy has three new students starting at her child care next week. It’s both an exciting time and a stressful time for her. She has to enroll them each in…

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