iCare Childcare Management Software

After-School Care

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After-School Care centers help children decompress after a day in the classroom, complete their homework on time and prepare for an evening at home with their parents. Engaging older children isn’t quite a simple as younger children; plus, you have transportation to and from school to worry about. iCare Software understands your needs and has built a web-based application to meet your unique needs.
  • Self-registration by parents
  • Alerts for monitoring registration checklist
  • Alerts for collecting required documents
  • Admin notes to keep your teams coordinated
  • Staff management through human resources tools


  • Highly flexible program and class management system
  • Weekly recurring programs or flex day-to-day scheduler
  • Fine-granular slot-level capacity control
  • Waiting list management


  • Parental options for controlling enrollment choices
  • Manage enrollment, including seasonal enrollment
  • Shopping Cart method for handling enrollment that require prepayment


  • Quick batch check-out when children leave for school or check-in when they come in the afternoon
  • Busing assistance through bus-line lists and batch check-in by bus

Alerts and Notifications

  • Many automated Alerts and notifications that can be turned on or off
  • Sample notifications list: renewal dates for records, late payments, enrollments, payment receipts, and registration checklist, etc.

Billing Flexibility

  • Recurring weekly and flex day scheduling in a monthly calendar format
  • Schedule or attendance-based charges
  • Fixed flat fees or configurable rate charts
  • Implement unique billing rates based on parentsu2019 needs
  • Comprehensive billing procedures based on schedule or attendance-based charges

Family and Subsidy Accounting

  • Subsidy and co-pay splits
  • Individualized childrenu2019s subsidy accounts
  • Account transfer to the parent account for disputed subsidy bills
  • Automated payment collection through Direct Deposit
  • Communication with parents via Lobby (check-in) messages, SMS, email and school calendar
  • Document daily activities and homework information
  • Engage with parents through the day via messaging or chat
  • Share photos of achievements and special moments

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one application.

iCare's Application Features was Developed to do

District-Wide, Multi-Site Programs

  • District-wide governance of programs
  • Management of both childcare and enrichment programs
  • Site-specific scheduling flexibility
  • Cross-site enrollment of children
  • Movement/check-in of staff to any site on any day

Parent Engagement/ Portal

  • Self-registration
  • Self-enrollment
  • Online ledger and payment processing
  • Online calendar
  • Online journal, photos, and chat

Teacher Empowerment/ Portal

  • Communication with parents and other staff
  • Batch check-in of children
  • Journaling childrenu2019s activities and curriculum
  • Collaborating with parents

Calendar and Dashboard

  • Making announcements for staff and parents
  • Program-specific announcements
  • Checks and balances through info in dashboard and reports

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