Most Essential Daycare Software for the Modern Center

Building a world class center? Your ideas and dreams need the right tools to make them happen. Meet iCare.

The most complete set of technology tools you need to make your dream of a world class center a reality. Complete, modern, deep, broad, exhaustive, easy, simple, attractive and above all highly responsively supported.

best childcare accounting and management software

Automate Your Office Work

  • Manage required paperwork for licensing inspection and renewal monitoring
  • Lobby App for automated check-in and out – includes signature and picture verification.
  • Age-based rooms with capacity control
  • Live teacher-child ratio control
  • HIPAA-guided immunization and medical records
  • Self-registration by parents and registration checklist
  • Interaction with parents – via, SMS, email, and Lobby check-in messages individually or in batch
  • Staff timesheets with daily or weekly overtime calculated in advance

Simplify Program Management, Capacity Control, and Scheduling

  • Offer full-time, part-time and flexible programs
  • Manage enrollment
  • Highly flexible rate chart setup to fit any billing rule
  • Weekly, monthly, biweekly, semi-monthly, hourly or daily billing cycles 
  • Billing combinations make it easy to bill based on schedules, attendance or other factors
  • Automate check-in and check-out using the Lobby App
  • Get staff timesheets
Secure payment software for childcare centers

Highly Simplified Childcare Billing & Accounting

  • Ledger based accounting – fully plain & easy to understand for parents
  • Private and subsidy accounting
  • Easy collection of overdue balances
  • Automate childcare payments & accept digital payments via credit card or ACH
  • Many batch processes for managing charges, credits, and payments
  • Meet financial goals with enhanced reporting
  • General Ledger and Chart of Accounts for integrating with an external finance system

Improve Your Classroom Management & Parent-Teacher Engagement

  • Recording of daily activities and emailing of Daily Reports
  • Every state’s early education and development guidelines/standards are included in our daycare app
  • Share photos of children’s activities or artwork with parents
  • Parent-teacher engagement through open communication
  • Parent-teacher-admin live chat
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