Flexible Drop-In Childcare Software To Fit Your Needs

Flexible Drop-in Childcare Software

At a drop-in childcare center, you offer childcare when parents can’t find care elsewhere or their childcare falls through. With drop-in care, you have to be flexible, which means you need childcare management software that’s just as flexible. iCare Software meets the needs of  drop-in centers  with drop in child care software that’s highly adjustable features.

iCare drop in management software

Center Administration

Our childcare software reduces your admin costs.
  • Unlimited number of registered families who can drop-in at any time
  • Allow parents to self-register and monitor it using the registration checklist
  • Manage your teacher-child ratio on an ongoing basis
  • Allow parents to reserve slots with room capacity control
  • Schedule teachers according to needs

Center Management

Our flexible child care center software can address all your billing programs.

  • Setup your rate chart: drop-in rates, including variables, such as age, number of siblings, etc.
  • Prepaid Packages: Offer parents the option to prepay hours or credits
  • Special Day Rates: Like Friday and Saturday, Parents Night Out
  • Daily Cap: Hourly rates with a daily max cap. For example, $10 per hour with $60 daily cap
  • Touch base with parents and adjust schedules seamlessly; when needed
childcare center management software
childcare center payment and billing software

Childcare Billing and Payments

Automate your billing and accounting functions with our easy to use childcare management software.

  • Take credit card payments individually or automatically through Direct Deposit
  • Automate receipts by email or print them
  • Offer unique billing options, such as hourly, daily, daily max cap, minimum hours, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Charges based on schedules, attendance or attendance over schedule
  • Run reporting functions to see how you’re doing
  • Predict staffing using previous children’s attendance trends

Improve Parent Engagement

Our childcare app makes it much easier for parents and teachers to collaborate together. 

  • Share classroom photos with parents
  • Send SMS texts to parents to ease their minds
  • Teacher-parent or teacher-teacher live chat
  • Take journal entries to showcase what a child learned
parent engagement childcare management software

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Eliminate Cashier Errors

  • Fully programmed rate chart requires no calculations by staff
  • Full implementation of prepaid package doing staff intervention
  • Integration of scheduled/regular programs and drop-in to avoid cashier workload
  • Self-registration by parents to reduce cashier workload

Simplified Checks and Balances

  • Attendance-billing check to assure all attendance has been billed
  • Account ledger to verify individual accounts
  • Transactions and account balances reports verifying all accounts quickly
  • Summary headers showing
  • Sum, count, and average math functions in reports for operations and finance
  • Trends and analytics tools

Train Staff in Minutes

  • A single Drop-in Page where all actions can be taken
  • Simplified check-in and check-out procedure
  • Simplified billing process with automated calculation
  • User-friendly payment processing

Email Marketing Campaigns

  • All entered family contacts are active
  • Can email a message or flyer to one or more contacts
  • Know who received and opened your email
  • Track history of you marketing campaigns