The Most Extensive and Easy Drop In Childcare Software

Drop In Childcare Software with All the Bells & Whistles

A drop in license is easier to get but it’s a hard business to run. Welcome to iCare, an extensively developed software for your business.

iCare includes every function and feature you need for running your drop in business efficiently and profitably

Center Administration

Center Administration

  • Unlimited number of registered families who can drop-in at any time
  • Allow parents to self-register and monitor it using the registration checklist
  • Manage your teacher-child ratio on an ongoing basis
  • Allow parents to reserve slots with room capacity control
  • Schedule teachers according to needs

Center Management

  • Setup your rate chart: drop-in rates, including variables, such as age, number of siblings, etc.
  • Prepaid Packages: Offer parents the option to prepay hours or credits
  • Special Day Rates: Like Friday and Saturday, Parents Night Out
  • Daily Cap: Hourly rates with a daily max cap. For example, $10 per hour with $60 daily cap
  • Touch base with parents and adjust schedules seamlessly; when needed
Improve your childcare's ROI with automation
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Childcare Billing and Payments

Automate your billing and accounting functions with our easy to use childcare management software.

  • Take credit card payments individually or automatically through Direct Deposit
  • Automate receipts by email or print them
  • Offer unique billing options, such as hourly, daily, daily max cap, minimum hours, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Charges based on schedules, attendance or attendance over schedule
  • Run reporting functions to see how you’re doing
  • Predict staffing using previous children’s attendance trends

Improve Parent Engagement

  • Share classroom photos with parents
  • Send SMS texts to parents to ease their minds
  • Teacher-parent or teacher-teacher live chat
  • Take journal entries to showcase what a child learned
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Eliminate Cashier Errors

  • Fully programmed rate chart requires no calculations by staff
  • Full implementation of prepaid package doing staff intervention
  • Integration of scheduled/regular programs and drop-in to avoid cashier workload
  • Self-registration by parents to reduce cashier workload

Simplified Checks and Balances

  • Attendance-billing check to assure all attendance has been billed
  • Account ledger to verify individual accounts
  • Transactions and account balances reports verifying all accounts quickly
  • Summary headers showing
  • Sum, count, and average math functions in reports for operations and finance
  • Trends and analytics tools

Train Staff in Minutes

  • A single Drop-in Page where all actions can be taken
  • Simplified check-in and check-out procedure
  • Simplified billing process with automated calculation
  • User-friendly payment processing

Email Marketing Campaigns

  • All entered family contacts are active
  • Can email a message or flyer to one or more contacts
  • Know who received and opened your email
  • Track history of you marketing campaigns