Enrichment Programs

Software designed for your learning programs

As an enrichment program, you focus on offering children the time to explore a topic of interest and dive deeper into their interests. Your goal is to focus on a child’s education and iCare Software’s goal is to free up administrative time to allow you to do that. Our web-based software provides the tools you need to automate tasks and create a dynamic classroom experience.

Afterschool learning and coaching programs like language classes, dance and music schools, soccer camps, and chess classes, etc.

  • Create classes focused on children’s proficiency levels
  • Create rosters for each class
  • Manage multiple sites in one application
  • Allow self-registration by parents and monitor through registration checklist
  • Control enrollment capacity and waiting list
  • Offer session-based enrollment
  • Record attendance
  • Provide session-based, class-based, and monthly or yearly billing rates
  • Automate payment collection through Direct Deposit
  • Break down yearly tuition into payment plans
  • Use aging report to determine the quality of your accounts receivable
  • Set learning goals and highlight student achievements
  • Showcase daily activities with documentation
  • Interact with parents via class notes, messaging and photos
  • Plan out your program’s curriculum

Learning Plans

  • Create customized learning plans for any educational activity
  • Document individual or group progress and activity completions
  • Record who, what, when, why and how
  • Create measures to determine each child’s individual needs
  • Records one-to-one conversations
  • Customize develop assessments according to your center’s prerequisites

Curriculum Planning

  • Create age-based or proficiency-based curriculums
  • Plan day-to-day activities
  • Quick-fill day’s journal from curriculum and then add specifics
  • In conjunction with learning plans develop well-structured lessons


  • Create custom grading sheet by programs and age-groups
  • Create custom grades – numeric, letter and descriptive tags
  • Option allows you to share grades with parents or keep them internal use only
  • Print or email the grading report or have parents log in and check

Market Your Program

  • All entered family contacts active or inactive can be added in the campaign
  • Can email a message or flyer to one or more contacts
  • Know who received and opened your email
  • Track history of you marketing campaigns

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