Family Daycare Provider Agency Program, CCR&R Affiliates

Home Daycare Affiliate Agency and CCR&R Affiliate

Running a provider agency/affiliate program? Working with many disconnected programs? Welcome to iCare, the fully integrated agency software.

      • Voucher and childcare financial assistance management
      • Automated copay billing and 
      • Complete and exhaustive both AR  and AP side billing and accounting 
      • Transportation and driver management
      • Onsite, secured and authenticated attendance system
      • Provider training and development platform
      • management and development
      • Fully customizable home visit case tool
      • A complete parent app
  • A most exhaustive voucher management and enrollment system
  • Full audit and change history details on current, future, and past vouchers
  • A 30-factor rate chart modeler for handling any billing rates and rules
  • AR-side invoicing for CCR&R or other subsidies with attendance tallied to the vouchers
  • AP-side billing for provider payments along with alternate providers when 
  • AP-side billing for driver payments
  • Billing and automated Direct Deposits for parental copayments

An EEC quote: “For 15 years not one subsidy voucher invoice generated from iCare could be challenged for accuracy. Cannot say that for any other invoicing source.”

Complete record keeping for provider licensing and subsidy programs

  • Children’s medical and immunization records with auto-alerts to parents
  • Demographic and custom user-defined data tracking fields for children and families
  • Full tracking of customizable data for providers and drivers
  • Automated alerts and notifications to avoid overlooked tasks
  • An expansive Report Center with 100 standard and any number of custom reports
  • Smart and quick, and simple or advanced reporting tools for customizing reports 

Not finding paper notes very useful as they can’t be compiled or searched? Welcome to a computerized home visits reporting tool.

This provider training assistance and child development monitoring tool is fully customizable. Here’s an example of what you might want it to do.

  • For Providers: Environment observations, programs and certifications, training needed, forms used, menu of the day, curriculum theme, and follow-up plan.
  • For Children: Recording demographics data, logging observations, and the follow-up plan.

Simplify both your AR and AP accounting for transportation and manage official attendance records. 


  • Track transportation voucher information
  • Pickup routes
  • Driver database and profiles
  • Driver payment invoicing
  • Voucher transportation invoicing


  • Check-in App for provider to enter live attendance
  • Attendance and scheduling reconciliation with voucher invoicing
  • Sick days logging of primary provider and attendance for alternate providers

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Reduce your work and give parents more transparency and build customer loyalty. 

With role management you can decide what parents can see and do. Here are a key things you might want them to do:

  • Check-in their children when and only when they enter the provider’s home
  • Pay online for their copays
  • Update their profile
  • Receive alerts regarding upcoming medical checks and immunization shots
  • Read activity notes and see shared pictures
  • Verify their vouchers and children’s attendance records
  • Be aware of the transportation arrangements