Montessori School Software Designed with You in Mind

Our low cost school management software provides the right tools for your Montessori School

You have many responsibilities when it comes to managing a Montessori school. With a long to-do list, stress and worry can creep in. Our Montessori school management software helps you automate recurring tasks and focus on what you do best – teaching children. Our cloud-based school management software requires little to no maintenance and was designed to meet the unique needs of Montessori child development programs.

iCare drop in management software

School Administration

Automate repetitive tasks with our easy to use school management app.

  • Set multi-age classrooms
  • Control capacity and waiting list
  • Set-up registration checklist
  • Keep admin notes on children, families and staff
  • Set email notifications on registrations, enrollment, record updates, and online payment, etc.
  • Set alerts on late arrivals, late payments, registration checklist, and immunization dates, etc.
  • Set-up registration process checklist

School Management

Our school management software was created for Montessori school framework.

  • Session-based enrollment management
  • Provide a unique client billing rate for monthly or yearly billing
  • Offer different payment plans to meet parents’ needs
  • Automatically collect payment
  • Communicate with parents regarding records, accounting, late arrivals, waiting list, and children’s journal
school management software
childcare center accounting software

Billing & Accounting

Our school management software automates your accounting and helps you always bill on time.

  • Set up billing rates for monthly or yearly billing
  • Break yearly bills into payment plans to meet parents’ needs
  • Automate payments with direct deposit
  • Run reports to check your financial health
  • Accept credit card or ACH payments
  • Notify parents when credit cards are expiring

Classroom Management

Give teachers classroom tools that make it easier to record milestones and communicate with parents.

  • Document a child’s daily activities
  • Implement Maria Montessori’s development guidelines; example topics, preliminary exercises, care of person, food preparation, grace and courtesy, sensory development, oral language, handwriting, geography, and history, etc.
  • Plan your lessons
  • Share photos with parents
  • Build parent-teacher engagement through sharing the classroom experience
classroom activities management software

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Our School Management Software was developed to

Stop Working Long Hours

  • Reduce office work with automated processes
  • Eliminate data entry through self-registration and self-enrollment
  • Completely simplify billing, the most arduous task
  • Direct Deposit helps you reduce work and bad debt

Improve Program Management

  • Implement multi-age groups
  • Document behaviors for better observations
  • Determine individual needs of children
  • Monitor development for all age groups – infant, toddlers, 3 to 6, and 6 to 12

Implement Child-directed Classroom Education

  • Child or group-based development tracking
  • Achieve continuous quality improvement
  • Fully monitor the complete Montessori development guidelines

Empower Parents and Teachers

  • Gain better understanding through documented observations
  • Improve parent engagement with our parent portal
  • Building powerful relationship between the stakeholders