Childcare Management Software

The Most Essential Preschool Management Software for Today’s Early Education

Take complexity out of your daily preschool administration work.

iCare integrates all your office and classroom needs into one software – preschool accounting, enrollment, curriculum planning, journaling, daily report, photo sharing, and parent-teacher communication. 
Improve your childcare's ROI with automation

6 Ways America's Best Preschool Software will Impact Your School

  • Totally simplify registration and enrollment management
  • Eliminate repetitive accounting tasks
  • Massively reduce your office work
  • Bring self-learning journaling into your classrooms
  • Engage your parents and teachers through communication tools
  • Secure your lobby and privacy matters

Enforce Your Registration and Enrollment Management Rules with Utmost Ease. Do these fit your needs?

  • Self-registration by parents with customized registration process
  • Waiting list and on-hold management
  • Mandatory card on file for Direct Deposit payments
  • Required prepayment for registration fee and program fees
  • Part-time enrollment and filling open slots
  • Optimal staffing
Children attendance tracking childcare app
best childcare accounting and management software

Preschool Accounting Software that Cuts Your Time and Losses and Increases Revenue

  • Automated rules and ratechart-based billing
  • Audit trail and change history for transparency and control
  • Direct Deposits for automated payment collection at time of billing
  • Billing preview and projections
  • Simplified ledger-based accounting with exports for third-party applications
  • Easy to follow online statement for parents to reduce questioning
  • Low-cost credit cards processing fee

Drastically Reduce Your Preschool Administrative Work

  • Configure automation processes for licensing, attendance, and billing, etc.
  • Set user roles limiting what parents, teachers, and administrators can do
  • Set automated reminders to parents for medical checks and immunization shots
  • Organize your tasks and goals through alerts, notifications, school calendar, and private yellow sticky notes
  • An expansive Report Center with 100 standard and any number of custom reports
  • Smart and quick, and simple or advanced reporting tools for customizing reports
Improve your childcare's ROI with automation

Journaling with Parent and Teacher Input

  • Auto-fill notes for quick input by teachers
  • Self-learning journal that fits to your teachers’ preferences
  • Photo sharing
  • Curriculum planning and grades
  • Prepopulated curriculums like Montessori and state development standards

Communication Tools to Bring All Your Stakeholders Together

  • Individual or batch SMS texting and email
  • Configurable email templates
  • SMS and email open tracking report showing who opened and when
  • Live chat between parents and teacher with admin overview
  • Parent input to one-time and daily questions at check-in

Security of Your Center and Data

  • Wireless door switch allowing only authorized people to enter
  • Multiple check-in methods 
  • Privacy option for primary and secondary contacts in a family
  • Optional sharing of contact info for children’s cohorts
  • HIPAA inspired user role management 
  • AWS hosting with high security, availability, and performance