The Most Modern Preschool Software

Our innovative childcare app will help you grow your preschool

Teaching toddlers in your preschool is a great responsibility. Parents expect you to prepare their children for kindergarten and beyond. iCare Software supports administrators by providing the best preschool management system to help you grow. We built our web-based preschool software was built to meet your school’s needs so you can focus on what you do best.

A Preschool Center Management System To Fit Your Needs

  • Set up a custom rate chart to power recurring bills with our flexible child care billing software
  • Automatically bill parents based on child’s attendance
  • Choose how often to bill: hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, bi-monthly, monthly
  • In-depth financial reports
  • Tax report generation for parents
  • Allow parents to enroll online and renewals
  • Securely manage immunization and medical records
  • Create and maintain your registration checklist
  • Create programs with easy to use preschool software
  • Manage classroom capacity
  • Enroll children in multiple programs at once
  • View enrollment reports showing available capacity

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Lesson Planning

  • Create day, program or age-based lesson plans
  • Quick-fill and update day’s activities
  • Great parent engagement tools
  • Great tools for improving the learning experience
  • Manage individual programs for special needs children
  • Plan activities for all children to join


  • No more stress about the next inspection
  • Childcare app alerts help maintain required documents
  • Print ratio compliance reports
  • Monitor hygiene and discipline policies
  • Use calendar to record inspection results and actions taken
  • Preset journal templates help you track state required information

Building Program Quality

  • Perform safety check
  • Promote physical social and emotional development
  • Promote intellectual development
  • Empowering your teachers with the best childcare software tools for their job

Building Positive Relationships

  • Develop relationships between parents, teachers, and administrators through better communications
  • Support growth through engaged teachers
  • Make a parent’s day – share photos and activities