iCare Childcare Management Software

Preschool Software

Our revolutionary technology will help you grow your preschool

Educating toddlers in your Preschool is a large responsibility. Parents look to you to ensure their child is ready for Kindergarten and beyond. iCare Software supports administrators and teachers in providing the best education in your area to make you a sought-after preschool. Our web-based software was built to meet your school’s needs so you can focus on teaching.
  • Create a waiting list to maximize your center’s capacity
  • Document necessary paperwork for licensing inspection and renewals
  • Securely manage immunization and medical records
  • Create and maintain your registration checklist
  • Create programs designed for each session
  • Manage your enrollment and teacher scheduling
  • Offer a billing rate chart that meets the needs of your parents
  • Collect payments effortlessly and accurately
  • Stay in touch with parents throughout the day
  • Give parents payment options from credit cards to ACH
  • Run a report to check your financial health
  • Never miss a payment thanks to automation
  • Skip invoicing with automatic billing
  • Share daily activities with parents through journaling
  • Create and monitor development guidelines/standards
  • Design curriculums that help children grow
  • Bring the classroom experience to life with photo sharing
  • Engage with parents through messaging

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one application.

iCare's Application Features was Developed to do

Curriculum Planning

  • Create day, program or age-based curriculums
  • Quick-fill and update day’s activities
  • Great source for satisfaction of parents
  • Great tools for enhancing learning experience
  • Monitor individual programs for special needs children
  • Plan activities for all children to join


  • No more stress about the next inspection
  • Let iCare’s alerts help maintain required documents
  • Simply print ratio compliance report
  • Monitor hygiene and disciplinary policies
  • Use calendar to record inspection results and actions taken

Building Program Quality

  • Implement safety
  • Promote physical social and emotional development
  • Promote intellectual development
  • Improve quality by empowering your teachers

Build Positive Relationships

  • Develop relationships between all stakeholders through better communications
  • Leverage growth through engaged educators
  • Make a parent’s day – share photos and activities

Resolve your challenges and pain points by switching to iCare Software. We’ll import your data and help you migrate to iCare in minutes. Schedule a free demo of iCare’s childcare software now.