Comprehensive Summer Camp Management Software

Simplify Your Operation with a Comprehensive Summer Camp Software

This broad and deep summer camp app will immediately impact your entire site and corporate operation.

  • Manage camp enrollment and offer a waiting list
  • Provide a registration checklist to ensure you have the necessary information
  • Take admin notes, so you have details at our fingertips
  • Multi-site management
  • Session-based enrollment management
  • Child care billing software handles unique billing rate chart with monthly or yearly billing
  • Payment collection
  • Parent-teacher communication is easier than ever
  • Attendance tracking software for each day and each session
  • Oversee transportation as needed
  • Schedule activities and ensure waivers are in place
  • Offer unique child care billing options, including daily, half-day or weekly rates
  • Automate payment processing and receive payments via Direct Deposit
  • See financial reports to know how you’re doing
  • Tracking learning and development milestones through journaling notes
  • Enrichment and Activity Curriculum planning
  • Chat with parents or other teachers
  • Make a parent’s day by sharing photos of their children’s activities

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Running Multi-Site, Multi-Program Camps

  • Run any type of sports, language, skills and educational camps
  • Manage multiple sites within one childcare app
  • Run sites independently but still get integrated reports
  • Move staff between sites without changing site designations

Marketing Your Camp

  • All entered family contacts active or inactive can be added to the campaign
  • You can email a message or flyer to one or more contacts
  • Find out who received and opened your email
  • Track the history of your marketing campaigns

Empowering Teachers and Coaches

  • Create a documented history of notes for better child development outcomes
  • Reach development milestones faster with improved teamwork
  • Admin portal supports team communication and collaboration

Parent Engagement

  • Develop a positive relationship through parent-teacher engagement
  • Build customer loyalty by sharing children’s photos and milestones with parents
  • Send messages through web-based childcare software
  • Text all parents enrolled with SMS