iCare Childcare Management Software

Summer Camp Management

Our custom-built software makes your job easier

Managing a childrenu2019s camp can be overwhelming and daunting. Maintaining safety of all campers and creating a fun atmosphere is your top priority. iCare Software provides the behind-the-scenes details so you donu2019t have to worry about billing, wait lists, staffing and more. Once set up, iCare Software takes little to no maintenance, which means you can focus on your camp.

  • Manage camp enrollment and offer a waiting list
  • Provide a registration checklist to ensure you have necessary information
  • Take administrative notes so you have details at our fingertips
  • Multi-site management
  • Session based enrollment management
  • Implementation of unique billing rate chart with monthly or yearly billing
  • Payment collection
  • Communication with parents
  • Track attendance each day and each session
  • Oversee transportation as needed
  • Schedule activities and ensure waivers are in place
  • Offer unique billing options, including daily, half-day or weekly rates
  • Automate payment processing through Direct Deposit
  • See financial reports to know how youu2019re doing
  • Tracking learning and development milestones through journaling notes
  • Enrichment and Activity Curriculum planning
  • Chat with parents or other teachers
  • Sharing photos of childrenu2019s activities u2013 what a treat for parents throughout the day

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one application.

Running Multi-Site, Multi-Program Camps

  • Run any type of sports, language, skills and educational camps
  • Manage multiple site within 1 application
  • Run sites independently but still get integrated reports
  • Move staff between sites without changing site designations

Marketing Your Camp

  • All entered family contacts active or inactive can be added in the campaign
  • Can email a message or flyer to one or more contacts
  • Know who received and opened your email
  • Track history of you marketing campaigns

Empowering Teachers/ Coaches

  • Create documented history of observations for better child development outcomes
  • Reach development milestones faster with improved collaboration
  • Let the portals drive professionalism in your camp
  • Build all stakeholders together for improved communications

Parent Engagement

  • Through parent-teacher engagement develop a positive relationship
  • Share activity photos u2013 make a parentu2019s day and build customer loyalty
  • Send messages through the web-based software
  • Text all parents enrolled with SMS

Resolve your challenges and pain points by switching to iCare Software. We’ll import your data and help you migrate to iCare in minutes. Schedule a free demo of iCare’s childcare software now.