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Our Childcare App Helps You Automate, Simplify, and Improve Profitability

Center administrators can automate all the business functions of their center with childcare management software that is both flexible and easy to use.

Childcare administration is laborious and repetitive. Yet, the tasks are necessary and have to get done somehow. Childcare software automates your repetitive work and offers insights so you can grow and improve your childcare business.

Modern management software for childcare adminstration

Empower Yourself

The more you know, the better you can run your childcare center. With reports on everything from enrollment to finances, you'll have the tools you need to do your job efficiently and effectively.

iCare software to manage work and tasks of childcare centers

Stop Working Long Hours

Automating repetitive tasks can open the door to a better work-life balance. Never spend time invoicing, collecting manual reports or looking for gaps in enrollment. iCare Software can handle it all.

Build your customer trust by childcare management software

Build Customer Loyalty

You want to ensure your customers keep coming back. Childcare management software opens the door to more seamless communication and interaction to build customer loyalty.

iCare software to manage students enrollments

Make your Business Profitable

Full enrollment means your business is as profitable as possible. iCare Software opens the door for you to offer flexible schedules to maximize your profits. See where you have gaps and opportunity to fill your enrollment with the click of a button.