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Childcare Managers: Tips To Save You Time and Money

Child care and early education providers constantly struggle to balance the time they devote to delivering quality childcare care versus managerial tasks. The day to day running of a center can leave an administrator with very little time and energy to spend with children and staff. They need all the help they can get to make these tasks simpler and more efficient.

Happy Teacher With Cute Children In Preschool

A Day In the Life Of a Childcare Administrator

Diane has more than 20 years of experience in childcare facility administration. She starts her day by greeting parents and welcoming youngsters. But today a parent is ranting about how their bill arrived wrong again. Diane meets with the parent, reviews attendance sheets from the week and corrects the invoice. It’s 30 minutes of her day lost and fewer families she gets to greet.

Empower Your Staff – Putting Information at Your Fingertips

As a childcare center administrator, you probably wish you could spend less time on administrative tasks and more time growing your business. What if you could show parents the value they are getting for their tuition with valuable metrics on what the kids learned? What if an invoice never went unpaid or incorrectly paid? What if automation for invoicing could give you back valuable time in your day and allow you to have flexible scheduling so your childcare’s schedule fit the schedule of your parents?

Celebrating Many Cultures And Holiday Activities For Preschoolers

Holidays are a great time to teach kids about many different cultures
The holidays are a great time to teach children about other holidays, cultures and customs they might not be familiar with. The key to using the holidays as a teaching moment is to be sure the child is at an age they’ll understand it and creating activities that will instill an interest and appreciation for the holiday.

Parent-Teacher Engagement and Student Success

Everyone knows that at any age, a student learns at an increased rate and is more successful in school when their parent or caregiver is fully engaged in their educational experiences. Parents must be aware of the student’s growth, development, interests, assignments, as well as the teacher’s demands, preferences and interests. Teachers expect the information they give at school, to in some way, shape or form, make it back to the student’s house later that day. When this happens, the cycle of school work, learning, homework then new learning, can continue. Once this engagement fails, usually the student’s success rate is not far behind.

5 Ways to Know Your Childcare Center Is the Right One

The first five years of your child’s life will be filled with fun milestones and daily changes and developments. This phase of your child’s development is key, and so will the childcare they attend. But choosing from the many facilities can be an overwhelming challenge at first.