Childcare management software tools and reports empower administrators

Childcare management software tools and reports empower administrators

It’s been a busy day in the childcare center office. It’s October, and many children celebrate birthdays, which means classroom graduations and shifts within the childcare center.

Amy fumbles with classroom charts and teacher assignments all day long trying to find the right ratios. It’s a highly manual process that she finds frustrating this time of year. And sadly, it’s a constant job because children never stop growing.

It’s tough to tell if she’s overstaffed or understaffed using spreadsheets. The cost of either is not good for the childcare center though. Overstaffing means higher expenses, but understaffing means violating rules on child ratios and bringing in substitute teachers constantly.

When she’s done, she still has to communicate this all back to the teachers and parents to make sure everything goes smoothly on Monday when the children shift classrooms. 

Part of the difficulty comes in special attendance schedules that some children have, and the school aged children need bussed to different schools in the area. She just finalized all of that a couple months ago in preparation for the schoolyear and now here she is again mapping out attendance so she can see where to schedule her teachers. 

With childcare management software, the manual processes could end thanks to reporting. Plus, Amy could also know with more confidence how her finances are doing and where she has opportunities to grow. Let’s take another look at Amy’s day with childcare management software.

Amy’s day with childcare management software

Amy pulls a report from iCare Software showing children celebrating birthdays in October. She then pulls a report for her attendance by classroom to see how graduations to new classrooms will work for the students.

A few clicks and Amy has the children moved to the appropriate classroom with ease. Plus, she found that she doesn’t need her part-time, fill-in infant teacher for the time being since they graduated to the toddler room.

She heads down to Kate’s preschool classroom to see how things are going. Kate is deep into art time with the children. Tiny fingers covered in paint is exactly where Kate should be. Next up is show and tell, and Amy knows 4-year-old Anna is excited to share more about her ballet slippers.

Amy pops in really quick to tell Kate how she will have three new students starting Monday and Kate is pleased to hear about it. The whole reason Amy became an administrator was to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students. 

Today she feels fulfilled in her mission as she goes from classroom to classroom talking with parents and teachers about the exciting day that they will have Monday. Graduations are always a bit bittersweet because teachers miss their graduating students but enjoy welcoming the new ones.

It’s almost comical for Amy to think about the days when this process was extremely stressful and time-consuming because now it’s so rewarding and even enjoyable with childcare management software. Learn more about how iCare Software can help you manage your childcare with ease.

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