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Billing & Accounting Features of Child Care Management Software

Childcare management software (CCMS) makes operating a center simpler and far more efficient. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is effective Billing that syncs to attendance data with flexibility for you to set rates and apply unique discounts based on your rate charts. The best software is flexible in when you automatically run bills, even […]

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How to Offer Quality Care as a Childcare Provider

You want to be the best business owner and childcare provider available. And that means providing exceptional service to your customers in the form of quality education for children and easy administration and communication for parents. You need to get parents to sing your praises, refer their friends, and spread the word about how great […]

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What Parents Look for When Choosing a Child Care Center or a Preschool

Parents have many options when evaluating childcare centers and preschools for their children to attend. And while proximity to their work and home will be crucial and cost plays a vital role in their decision-making, parents also evaluate several other factors. The most important thing parents are looking for is the program’s quality of care. Before […]

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Creating a Win from The Great Resignation

The year 2021 was heavily characterized by what experts are referring to as “The Great Resignation.” People chose to quit their jobs at rates exceeding anything the U.S. has seen in the previous 20 years. While the news of so many resignations might be shocking and concerning for childcare, business owners realize that there are […]

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5 Areas of Childcare Administration To Focus on in 2022

Now that we’re through the initial month of the year where childcare administration focused on returning to education after holiday breaks and enrolling children in new programs for the new year, it’s time to think about how you want to adapt and grow your childcare business in 2022. The last few years have put strains […]

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How to Use Budgeting and Forecasting In Your Childcare Center

Most people don’t find budgeting and forecasting to be a fun activity, but for business owners, it’s an essential way of knowing how they measure up to their financial goals. One crucial aspect of budgeting is forecasting, which helps you see a projection of your business’s income in the future so you can make changes […]

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Case Study: School Reduces Administrative Hours by 75%

We’ll demonstrate how Oakdale Private School went from 80 hours per week down to 20 using business rules for billing.  Oakdale Private School offers early childcare from ages 6 weeks to 2 years old. Then it has a preschool program for ages 3-5. And it offers after-school programs for children up to age 12. The […]

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Become A Paperless Center: Use A Teacher Parent Communication App

Daycare forms, daily summaries, field trip waivers – these are all items that you had to print and provide for parents. And once completed, childcare centers had to store and manage these paper documents. With the addition of teacher parent communication apps, these forms are now provided to parents digitally and stored on secure cloud […]

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Billing Tools for Handling Field Trip Fees and Miscellaneous Items

Planning a fun field trip this school year but wondering how you’ll bill parents? Billing tools should not hold you back from creating a robust experience for your students, whether that’s art supplies for a special project or a day trip to the local zoo. Automating billing for these added fees can help you avoid financial impacts […]

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