iCare Onboarding
Step #4 Add Families and Staff

Follow the steps to have iCare Software running in your Center.  Please follow along through our 7 Steps to Success Video Tutorial.  For additional guidance please download our “Getting Started Guide”
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Invite to Register

Click Add Room to create rooms with capacity, max children and age range. Update room capacity or any other information at any time by first hovering on a row then click on the edit (pencil) icon, and click the check-mark to save.

Import Families Data

Adding your family data using iCare’s provided import tables from your app is the fastest way to add all of your students, their personal information, and any additional student contacts you would like to add. This does not automatically generate invites to contacts for registration. Invites can be done from your web app after your upload is complete. Contact us, if you are exporting from a third party system, we have built in tools available to expedite the process.

Adding Family and Children

At any time you can add additional children and family data by clicking +Add Child from the Children’s grid. Enter child’s profile and contact details and save. If you would like to invite parents to register at the time you enter the child’s profile information, turn on the parent registration email under Child Related Notifications found under Advanced Settings. The system will automatically send an email with log in information.