Tips for Managing Classroom Behaviors

Teachers are tasked with planning and executing those lesson plans to deliver quality education. But a major variable in that process is the children’s classroom behavior. Just like adults, children have good days and bad days, and the teacher’s role is to ensure that even during the bad days, their behavior is not so disruptive […]

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Giving parents more transparency

Parents want greater transparency into their child’s early education. Daycare is no longer just about a safe space for children while parents are at work. It’s also about supporting the child’s developmental milestones and sharing those through parent-teacher communication strategies. Learn how to improve your center’s communication skills and build better transparency to communicate to […]

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Celebrating Memorial Day at Your Child Care Center

Many people view Memorial Day as the start of the summer. But it has much more significant meaning than that. While you can’t get too deep into that meaning in the childcare classroom, you can help children understand that it has more to it than barbeques. When explaining Memorial Day to young children, it’s best […]

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What Parents Look for When Choosing a Child Care Center or a Preschool

Parents have many options when evaluating childcare centers and preschools for their children to attend. And while proximity to their work and home will be crucial and cost plays a vital role in their decision-making, parents also evaluate several other factors. The most important thing parents are looking for is the program’s quality of care. Before […]

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Safe Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Halloween activities can be tons of fun with preschoolers. Their eyes fill with wonder as they gaze upon pumpkins, cornfields and scarecrows while chasing down their favorite candy while trick or treating. And although the holiday holds many fun treats and experiences, it can also carry some risks with it if you aren’t careful. Learn […]

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Billing Tools for Handling Field Trip Fees and Miscellaneous Items

Planning a fun field trip this school year but wondering how you’ll bill parents? Billing tools should not hold you back from creating a robust experience for your students, whether that’s art supplies for a special project or a day trip to the local zoo. Automating billing for these added fees can help you avoid financial impacts […]

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Dealing with Pandemic-induced Separation Anxiety in Children

Many businesses are beginning to require that employees return to the office full-time. And with that, children are returning to daycare. After so much time with their parents, separation anxiety in children will likely be common this school year. Over the last year and a half throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have been able to give children […]

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Mood Tracker Basics for Preschools and Daycares

How a child is feeling can impact the kind of day they’ll have. Whether they’re feeling happy, anxious, nervous or excited, you can start teaching emotional intelligence using a mood tracker. Not only that, but mood tracking also keeps parents informed about what’s happening with their child throughout the day.  Effective parent communication can help […]

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Increase Subsidies with These Child Care Success Tools

iCare Journal Templates Customized by State There’s a very fine line between profitability and financial hardships when it comes to how to run a successful daycare business. Accurate documentation, billing and invoicing are all crucial in ensuring your success. Early childhood education software can be a huge asset to provide the necessary child care success […]

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Using Child Care Scheduling Software Can Help Improve Your Margins

Child care scheduling software can make it easier for your center to save money in staff scheduling. We know running a profitable childcare center is certainly not easy. Filling unfilled attendance spots means more revenue. But it also makes staffing more complicated because you can over schedule staff and lose revenue. The right balance is […]

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