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From billing and payment collection to parent-teacher engagement, iCare Software is a comprehensive solution for both your administrative and classroom management needs. And as a leader in childcare software, we’re continuously building solutions that help childcare centers navigate the pandemic while maximizing their bottom line.

Save Time and Money While Improving Customer Loyalty

Billing and Payment Collection

Improve cash flow and reduce your childcare's bad debt with automated billing and streamlined payroll.


Document information accurately to maximize subsidy payments and compliance.

Parent-teacher Engagement

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by sharing photos, developmental milestones and daily updates.

Adapting to Meet Your COVID-19 Needs

Contactless Check-in Mobile App

Eliminate high-touch areas in your childcare center with the contactless check-in mobile app. Allow parents and staff to check-in from their own mobile devices.

  • The app triggers when parents or staff enter the lobby
  • No scanners, cards or other devices necessary
  • It is simple, secure, and safe

Secure Virtual Classroom Application

The coronavirus pandemic is demanding that childcare centers get creative in generating revenue and adapting to social distancing. The iCare Virtual Classroom is secure and easy for teachers to use while also engaging in-class students:

  • Integrates with your office and classroom
  • Captures online attendance and bills automatically
  • Completely secure and private with no installation required

Easy Onboarding Process

iCare Software is a cloud-based childcare management software, meaning you won’t have to worry about coding or hiring an IT team to get up and running. Our team can have your childcare set up and experiencing the cost-savings and outstanding parent-teacher communication within hours!

  • No IT resources required
  • Get set up in as little as a few hours
  • Ongoing customer service and support

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