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Marketing Strategies to Attract Parents to Your Daycare Center

In most parts of the country, parents have many options for where to enroll their child in daycare. That means that daycare centers face harsh competition. Marketing can help make your daycare center stand out among the many businesses in your area. We’ve put together leading tips for daycare marketing strategies that help attract and […]

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Ideas for Celebrating 4th July at Your Center

The 4th of July is coming up fast! You can enjoy fun patriotic activities to get students in the spirit of things. Plus, since many families take vacations this time of year, it will be nice to break from the regular curriculum so that students don’t miss anything important. 4th of July Childcare Activities Have […]

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Giving parents more transparency

Parents want greater transparency into their child’s early education. Daycare is no longer just about a safe space for children while parents are at work. It’s also about supporting the child’s developmental milestones and sharing those through parent-teacher communication strategies. Learn how to improve your center’s communication skills and build better transparency to communicate to […]

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How to take your program to the next level

Getting out of the startup phase for your daycare is a great feeling. You have the proper staffing, you’re bringing in ample tuition payments to turn a profit, and things are running smoothly. But when it comes to daycare management, there’s always something you can do to improve your service and reach your full potential. […]

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Introducing the New iCare Mobile Childcare App for Parents

Parents will appreciate the ability to manage their interactions with your childcare center all from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere through the new iCare Software childcare app for parents. And soon, teachers will be able to log into that same app to interact with parents seamlessly.  No need to worry about multiple apps on your […]

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How to Use Budgeting and Forecasting In Your Childcare Center

Most people don’t find budgeting and forecasting to be a fun activity, but for business owners, it’s an essential way of knowing how they measure up to their financial goals. One crucial aspect of budgeting is forecasting, which helps you see a projection of your business’s income in the future so you can make changes […]

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Case Study: Children’s Workshop Brings in Extra $8K

This case study will show you the impact that billing automation can have on your bottom line and on your staffing. Workshop is a childcare center located in a prominent shopping mall within a local commuter route. But because of the nature of the local work, parents needed flexible childcare Children’s schedules and requested that […]

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A Good Childcare Health and Safety Policy Inspires Confidence

Do you have a childcare health and safety policy? This can go a long way to assure parents that they made a good decision when they chose your childcare center.  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the childcare industry, many parents struggled to find centers that met their expectations and needs. Post-pandemic, there are fewer childcare […]

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Increase Subsidies with These Child Care Success Tools

iCare Journal Templates Customized by State There’s a very fine line between profitability and financial hardships when it comes to how to run a successful daycare business. Accurate documentation, billing and invoicing are all crucial in ensuring your success. Early childhood education software can be a huge asset to provide the necessary child care success […]

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Using Child Care Scheduling Software Can Help Improve Your Margins

Child care scheduling software can make it easier for your center to save money in staff scheduling. We know running a profitable childcare center is certainly not easy. Filling unfilled attendance spots means more revenue. But it also makes staffing more complicated because you can over schedule staff and lose revenue. The right balance is […]

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