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Eliminate repetitive tasks and simplify office work.

Office administration at an education center is laborious and repetitive. It takes too much time to manage and at times, is no fun at all. Yet, we must carry out these tasks to operate the center satisfactorily. Lots of the tasks are repetitive and time consuming. With a child care software solution your problems are going to vanish.

iCare’s Automated Notification System, Advanced Accounting Solution, and Smart Reporting Tools helps you manage your center’s nonadministrative requirements. Participation of all stakeholders (office administrators, teachers, and parents) eliminates the risk of losing customer loyalty. Accounting solution is a highly secured platform that helps in recovering from bad debts and never lets you go in a financial crisis.

Registering families and enrolling children in various Programs or Classes was never this easy. With a complete solution from Enrollments through Accounting till Communications, let iCare serve your needs and provide you with the best managerial services for administration of your center.

Room management:

Licensing for the care of 0 -5-year-olds requires management of child-teacher ratio.

Create Age-based Rooms to manage the ratio and control the capacity per Room.

Create Programs or Classes under Rooms and enroll children to manage scheduling and enrollments.

With iCare Lobby, the mobile check – in/out solution you can manage the attendance process at your center.

With the Report Generation Tools, you will need very little effort for efficient planning and management of Rooms.


iCare provides three methods for registration of children

  • Self-registration by parents,
  • Importing family data through Excel sheets, or
  • Entering Family Data Manually.

Entering and managing the family data with iCare is easy and user-friendly.

Automated alerts help maintain sanity of the family data and provides a secured environment.

iCare Lobby (for attendance):

Automate your Check – in/out system with iCare. A complete solution to check – in/out children, track their attendance, manage attendance-based billing.

With Signature Capture, iCare provides enhanced lobby for parents and staff. They can log in to the iCare Lobby on verifying their digital signatures.

Dashboard and School Calendar:

See an overview of the miscellaneous areas of your business, like, Accounting, Center Capacity, Enrollments, and Checked-in children. As you make progress with the application your dashboard becomes more user-friendly. We are working towards developing a Deep Learning application network.

A Bulletin-board / Calendar using which you may create notifications for children and staff to announce special events or alerts is a special feature of iCare Software.

Record keeping:

Standard tracking fields like Immunization records, and Medical Data of children has been provided in iCare. Tracking and uploading Electronic Documents required by the school administration is also featured in iCare.

Add all kinds of data in the application grids and analyze them using the Report Generation Tools (Analytics and Settings) for better understanding of your key pain points.


Provide security at your center by installing iCare’s Wireless Door Switch. It is compatible with all types of Android and Tablets.

With the iCare Door Switch you will have a door-lock system that will open only on accessing iCare Lobby with valid credentials.

Report making:

Report Center of iCare provides you a wide range of reports for analyzing the data. Smart Search feature has been introduced to help you search anything in the report grids.

Using the Report Generation Tools, Export data of the iCare application out in various supported file formats.  Configure the report columns as per your requirement. Create your own columns and customize the report using the Analytics feature.


  • Communicate with parents or teachers individually or as a group.
  • Send messages to the Lobby.
  • Send direct text messages in case of an emergency.
  • Send emails.
  • Or, communicate using iCare Chat.


  • Add new staff by creating their profiles or invite them to setup their account.
  • Manage their schedules from their profiles and schedule them for various Programs and Classes.
  • Check – in/out or track staff attendance using Lobby as a timeclock and generate Payroll reports.
  • Communicate with Staff via emails or messages.

Using iCare will create customer loyalty and give you enough time to educate and raise amazing children

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