Optimized Staff Scheduling
Simple, Powerful Staff Management and Scheduling Software

Child Care Staff Scheduling Optimized to Teacher Child Ratio

Staffing is your biggest cost and child care staff management isn’t easy. It is even harder today with staff shortages. Furthermore, scheduling becomes very challenging if you offer flexible packages to the parents. We reinvented Optimized Staff Scheduling for you. 

Here’s an elegant solution customized for child care management that lets you optimize your schedules with just a few clicks and manage your staff. It includes the following:

  • Teacher child ratio management for live ratios and future projections
  • Easily see the needed corrective actions and make the fixes
  • A highly developed graphical interface – something you always hoped for 
  • Staff management and data tracking

The Best Tool of the Trade for Staff Scheduling - The iCare Graphical Slot Scheduler makes the right scheduling decisions with iCare’s unique graphical tool.

How it works:

  • Real-Time: It provides real-time available capacity based on which staff and children are checked-in in each room or program.
  • Manage the Whole Week on One Page: Visualize a whole week at a time – current or any in the future.
  • Fine-Tune when a Staff is Actually Needed: Getting Optimal Count of Staff Needed for Each Time Slot. Should you schedule a teacher from 7 AM or 8 AM on Mondays in Room A? Should you let the staff of Room D clock out at 3:30 PM instead of 4:30 PM? 
  • Drag and Drop: the time bars to change and make schedules fit the needs.
  • Simply click and add and remove staff schedules to fit the needs.

Optimizing Teacher Child Ratio for Each Room

Your teacher child ratios for each room have to be closely monitored. If the ratio is much below the legislated ratio then your staffing cost for the room is too high; conversely, it will be a licensing violation.

You need the following tools to help you:

  • A live teacher-child ratio ticker that shows you the real time ratios in each room.
  • A visualization tool that shows you the current and future ratios in each room in 30-min slots. This will help you find and fix slots that need attention.
  • A report showing past history of achieved ratios for you to make better scheduling decisions

Handling Mixed Rooms and Loading Time Relaxed Ratios

Many states allow mixed aged rooms and relaxed ratios in the morning and afternoon drop-off and pick times. With the Slot Scheduler and the Move feature you can take advantage of the relaxed ratio rule.

  • Loading Time Relaxed Ratios: Make changes to the staff schedules and see the effect to make better decisions.
  • The Move Feature for Consolidating Rooms: Say you have 2 toddler rooms that are full through the middle of the day from 9 AM to 3 PM but not before 9 and after 3. You can simply consolidate these rooms for the early and late hours by moving the children.

Staff Management and Data Tracking

With many standard tracking fields about staff and unlimited user-definable fields, you can track almost anything you need to manage your center’s staffing:

  • Active, inactive and standby
  • Certifications and training
  • Demographics
  • Start and discharge dates and the reason for that
  • Private yellow sticky notes regarding job reviews 
  • Email and SMS texting