Recording and Managing Child Development Milestones

A Self-Learning System for Managing Child Development Milestones

Enhance your parent-teacher engagement for better child development outcomes with our new journaling system.


Easily record daily activities and milestones and keep parents and teachers engaged with easy to use childcare journal templates.

Features within the iCare Journal

  • Recording Activities
  • Learning and Development Guidelines/Standard (Milestones)
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Grading

Ding Notifications

You can turn on Ding (SMS Texting) notifications to parents’ phones each time a Journal entry is posted. Otherwise, parents can log in into their iCare account and view their child’s journal. If turned on, parents will also receive the Daily Report by email every evening.

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Daily Activities

Journaling is a specific-information-sharing platform, where teachers can directly interact with the parents and keep them informed about the daily activities and developmental milestones of children. Teachers may also advise parents on developmental requirements of the children. Journal is an effective way of communication to develop and enhance the social, behavioral, and learning skills of children.

Examples of daily activities for different age groups:

  • Infants/Toddlers: feeding, diaper changes, diaper training, naps
  • Preschooler: circle time activity, gym, story time, art, social behavior
  • Kindergartners: art, craft, reading, writing, subject matter
  • Enrichment Classes: skill levels

Teacher/Parent Engagement

Journaling allows teachers to interact with parents to not only keep them informed of the daily activities, also, to provide appropriate support necessary at times. Student progress enhances in the academic, behavioral, and social domains when there is a collaborative effort in monitoring and supporting children.

Curriculum Planning

iCare keeps track of curriculums with timed lists of activities for the day.

  • Create curriculums from scratch
  • Take a preset template and modify it according to your preferences
  • For the sake of quick data entry, fill a day’s activities from a curriculum and edit for specific notes

Guidelines and Standards

Every state recommends learning and development guidelines and standards for improving the development outcomes in children. For example, Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). These guidelines provide a list of desired outcomes, what observations to records, and how to measure/evaluate whether a child has achieved the outcome. These guidelines are available in iCare as downloadable templates, which are:

  • Template for each state’s Early Learning and Development Guidelines/Standards
  • Maria Montessori method
  • Baseline iCare default age-based templates

The Daily Report

Every day, a Daily Report is sent to the parents with the record of the daily activities and advice on monitoring of the children activities, by teachers. Daily Reports are advantageous for both teachers and parents to be informed of the daily activities and developmental requirements of their children.

Grading System

Grades are best fit for classes. You can enter letter grades (A+, B-) or numbers/marks (85/100) on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Grades and Activities are the two parts of Journaling. A few of the Grading features are:

  • Easily set up any number or any type of grade report
  • Designate grade reports to age groups or programs
  • Enter grades and decide whether to publish them or not for the parent