Parent Teacher Communications: Messaging, Alerts, and Chat

Better Parent Teacher Communication: So Vital to Your Success in so Many Ways

Keep parents informed to create customer loyalty, make a parents day with classroom notes and photos, have parents and teachers engage to better understand children’s needs, and massively cut your work through automated alerts and notifications like an immunization shot is coming in 30 days.
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SMS, Emails, and Messaging to Lobby

Parent Teacher Communications: Messaging, Alerts, and Chat
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  • Unlimited Free SMS Texting:
  • Structured Email: Get things done and look professional with the iCare email formatter.
  • Messaging at the Lobby: Deliver quick messages or Instructions at the Lobby to Parents and
  • Lobby Questions: Get quick answers to questions like
  • Individual or Group: Send any of the above messages to an individual or a group of any size.

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Types of Alerts

iCare's Notification Alerts - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Following alerts will be sent out automatically if turned on and will also appear in the Admin Dashboard.

  • Absence Alert: Send SMS text to parent if child doesn’t arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Incomplete Immunizations: Reminder email will be sent to the parent 30 and 10 days before the next due date for each type of immunization shot.
  • Renewal of Medical Records: Reminder email will be sent to the parent 30 and 10 days before the next due date for each type of medical record.
  • Required Documents: Reminder email will be sent for Incomplete Electronic Documents.
  • Late Payments: Send email reminder to parent if payment is late by 20 days.
  • Registration Checklist: Children will not be activated until all registration requirements are complete.
  • Child’s Arrival Announcement: Announce child’s check-in to the teacher. And, if not acknowledged by teacher in 5 minutes then announce to admin.

Stay connected with your parents with Chat


Have an issue? Want to advise a parent? Or, tell them what an awesome job their child has done?

Use iCare Chat, our interactive communication tool, to quickly communicate with parents and teachers to build a stronger school-family relationship. Share important information instantly and start conversations to engage your parents.

iCare Chat keeps both parents and teachers connected. Parents turn to teachers for advice on the academic development of their children. And, teachers learn better about children’s behavioral requirements from parents. Real-time chat gives a smooth and easy platform to interact and share information instantly. The information gathered can also serve as a summary of the behavioral history of children and help parents understand their needs better.