iCare Childcare Management Software

Childcare Enrollment Management

See How Easy it is to Enroll Children to Program and Classes!

Program/Class Enrollment

Easily set up all your childcare and school-age programs. Let parents or administrators enroll the children. With little effort you’ll be able to control enrollment, class capacity, scheduling, staffing, and tuition fee billing.

  • Program/Class Management: A much improved and flexible program and class management feature with simultaneous enrollment in multiple programs.
  • Parent and Admin Options: Flexible options for enrollment by parents allowing what parents can do and what the admin wants to manage.
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  • Scheduling Models: Weekly and monthly formats.
  • Session Management: School year, semesters, monthly, etc. allowing ease of enrollment in multiple sessions at a time.
  • Flexible Scheduling: A more interactive enrollment process in terms of scheduling and billing. Weekly and monthly flex day
  • Capacity Control: Very flexible room or program capacity management fine-grained at 30-min intervals.

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one application.

Billing and Billing Grid

  • Flexible Billing Cycles: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly billing periods
  • Flexible Billing Criteria: based on schedule or attendance or overage charges when attendance is beyond schedule.
  • Billing Methods: Automated nightly process; manual Bill Preview and Billing Draft method; Drop-in billing process.
  • Automated Attendance over Schedule Overage Charges
  • Automated Late Payment Fee
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Rate Chart

iCare is tremendously flexible in setting up your rate chart. Both parts of a child’s bill Amount/Rate and Billing Period are easy to setup and fit exactly the way you bill.

Amount/Rate: You can either enter a flat/fixed amount or you can use a name of a rate from the Rate Chart. For example, $500 or Preschool, where Preschool is the name of a rate. The Rate Chart has more than 20 factors, some of the commonly used ones are:

  • Child Number (for setting sibling discount)
  • Enrollment Type (user-configurable criterion)
  • Age in Months (age-based rates)
  • Days Attended (for attendance-based charge)
  • Is Member (membership-based rates)
  • Program Name (program or class-based rates)
  • Maximum Amount (for cap on hourly rates)
  • Discount Type (user-configurable discounts)
  • Days Scheduled

Billing Period: A highly flexible criterion for configuring how the bills are calculated. Here are a few examples:

  • One-time or Scheduled Payment Plan
  • Fixed Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly
  • By Schedule – Hourly or Daily
  • By Attendance – Hourly or Daily
  • For Attendance Beyond Scheduled – Hourly Beyond Exact/Total Scheduled Hours, or Daily Beyond Exact/Total Schedule Days


Plan and manage enrollments and child to teacher ratio using iCare Report Center. Slot Availability Report: Future Enrollments: List of children enrolled for a future date. Summary of available rooms with their capacity, enrolled children and staff, and next spot opening and closing dates are all included

  • Programs/Classes: List of all programs and classes.
  • Enrollments: List of children and staff enrollment in programs and classes.
  • Enrollment Summary: Total enrollment of children by program or class.
  • Enrollment History: Children’s all enrollments of current, past and future.
  • Dropped Enrollments: List of children who dropped from a program or class in a given period.

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