Childcare Enrollment Software

See How Easy it is to Enroll Children to Programs and Classes!

Program/Class Enrollment

Save time on all your administrative tasks with our cloud-based child care enrollment software. Easily set up all your childcare and school-age programs. Let parents or administrators enroll the children. With little effort, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your childcare business including enrollment, class capacity, scheduling, staffing, and tuition billing.

  • Program/Class Management: You’ll find the iCare program and class management extremely flexible. Speed up the process with simultaneous enrollment in multiple programs.
  • Parent and Admin Options: Flexible options for parents to complete online registration. Parents enter the information and admins can manage it.
Childcare and school-age programs management software
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Attendance Tracking and Scheduling

  • Scheduling Models: Weekly and monthly formats.
  • Session Management: School year, semesters, monthly, etc. allowing ease of enrollment in multiple sessions at a time.
  • Flexible Scheduling: A more interactive enrollment process in terms of scheduling and billing. Weekly and monthly flex day
  • Capacity Control: Flexible room or program capacity management in 30-minute intervals.

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Childcare Billing and Billing Grid

  • Flexible Billing Cycles: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly billing period options.
  • Flexible Billing Criteria: Based on the schedule, attendance or overage charges.
  • Childcare Billing Methods: Each night, the system looks for bills to run. You can view bill previews and billing draft methods. The system has an easy drop-in billing process to add flexible attendance options.
  • Automated Overage Charges: Automate overage charges based on attendance data.
  • Automated Late Fee: Built-in late fees increase your bills each time a customer misses a deadline.
Payment collection software for childcare centers
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Rate Chart

iCare is tremendously flexible in setting up the rate chart for your childcare programs. Both parts of a child’s bill amount/rate and billing period are easy to set up. The childcare app can match the way you bill your customers.

Amount/Rate: You can either enter a flat/fixed amount or you can use a name of a rate from the Rate Chart. For example, $500 or Preschool, where Preschool is the name of a rate. The Rate Chart has more than 20 factors, some common ones include:

  • Child Number (for setting sibling discount)
  • Enrollment Type (choose your criterion)
  • Age in Months (age-based rates)
  • Days Attended (for attendance-based charge)
  • Is Member (membership-based rates)
  • Program Name (program or class-based rates)
  • Maximum Amount (for cap on hourly rates)
  • Discount Type (choose your discounts)
  • Days Scheduled
Billing Period: A highly flexible rate option where you choose how to calculate the bill. Here are a few examples:
  • One-time or Scheduled Payment Plan
  • Fixed Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly
  • By Schedule – Hourly or Daily
  • By Attendance – Hourly or Daily
  • For Attendance Beyond Scheduled – Hourly Beyond Exact/Total Scheduled Hours, or Daily Beyond Exact/Total Schedule Days Exact/Total Schedule Days
Plan and manage enrollments and child-to-teacher ratios using iCare Report Center. The Slot Availability Report provides a list of children enrolled. View the report as of today or on a future date. View a summary of rooms with their capacity, enrolled children and staffing. That way you can see openings to grow enrollment. Here’s a look at some additional reports you can run.
  • Programs/Classes: List of all programs and classes.
  • Enrollments: List of children and staff enrollment in programs and classes.
  • Enrollment Summary: Total enrollment of children by program or class.
  • Enrollment History: Children’s current, past and future enrollments.
  • Dropped Enrollments: List of children who dropped from a program or class in a given period.