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For journaling there’s nothing quite like iCare!

Journaling is iCare’s unique Notes Categorization and Reuse method that facilitates a high-quality, parent-teacher engagement for Childcare Management. This engagement enhances the learning skills of children by providing an opportunity to bring a collaborative and meaningful partnership between parents and teachers to identify and solve problems. Collaborative problem solving helps parents, educators, and specialists determine appropriate resources and support required to enhance the developmental process of children.

Student competence enhances when there is a blooming family-school relationship.

All concerns and questions related to the development of children may be addressed through the iCare Journal. Journaling is a specific-information-sharing platform, where teachers can directly interact with the parents and keep them informed about the daily activities and developmental milestones of children. Teachers may also advise parents on developmental requirements of the children. Journal is an effective way of communication to develop and enhance the social, behavioral, and learning skills of children.

Teachers record children’s daily activities to track their developmental milestones and requirements using Journal. Journaling is useful to monitor infants also, parents may track their activities like: meal time, diapering, naps, specials needs, milestones, and so on.

The quick and simple features of communicating the activities and advices make it popular amongst the education providers. A Daily Report is sent every evening on parent’s registered email addresses to keep them informed about the activities and requirements of the children.

Notes Categorization

iCare provides a blend of administration and communication with this unique journaling feature. Various categories have been created for teachers to select from and post the Notes to keep the parents informed of their children’s daily activities and requirements. Easy and effective means of communication makes it popular among the teachers and administrators using the iCare application.

Parent-Teacher Engagement

Journaling allows teachers to interact with parents to not only keep them informed of the daily activities, also, to provide appropriate support necessary at times. Student progress enhances in the academic, behavioral, and social domains when there is a collaborative effort in monitoring and supporting children.

Daily Reports

Every day, a Daily Report is sent to the parents with the record of the daily activities and advice on monitoring of the children activities, by teachers. Daily Reports are advantageous for both teachers and parents to be informed of the daily activities and developmental requirements of their children.

Fill From Curriculum

A curriculum is a timed list of activities for the day. For example,

  • 8:00 am Breakfast
  • 8:30 am Circle time
  • 9:15 am Gym

A curriculum can be posted for any day for one or more children. It is a quick way of filling the day’s activities.


Grades are best fit for classes. You can enter letter grades (A+, B-) or numbers/marks (85/100) on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Grades and Activities are the two parts of Journaling.

iCare Software

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