iCare Childcare Management Software

Record Keeping In Childcare

Comprehensive Database to Manage Chidren and Staff!

iCare Registration Features

Multi-Linked Families

Allowing a child to have multiple payers or a main contact in one family be a pick-up or emergency contact in another.

User-Defined Fields

There are many standard tracking fields to help you with required documentation. Yet, the user-defined fields and document give you complete flexibility to track any type of information.

Parent Self-Registration

Easy methods for self-registration by parents send on invite with just their email IDs or put a self-registration button on your website.

Family Data Privacy Option

Several privacy options for parents to give access of their data to other contacts of the family.

Admin Notes

Private notes for administrators that are not accessible to teachers and parents.

Profile Pictures

Parents or admins can easily upload profile picture that show not just on the profile page but in reports, as well, for easy identification.

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one application.

  • Registrations: List of children by Age-based Rooms showing contacts and status.
  • Age and Room Projection: Enter a future date and see how old a child will be, which room she is expected to be in.
  • Slot Availability by Rooms and Classes: A detailed report showing children scheduled for each half-hour slot of the day.
  • Future Registrations: List of children with future starting date.
  • Dropped Children/Alumni list: List of children who attended in the past and are not registered currently or in the future.
  • Children’s Weekly Schedules: All weekly current schedules.
  • Children’s Schedule History: All schedules of current, past and future.
  • Admin Notes on Children: List of private admin notes on children.
  • Room Planning Report: List of rooms showing capacity, enrollment and next spot opening and closing dates.
  • Child Bus Line: Busing report.
  • Lobby Cards: Lobby card with password.
  • Waiting List.
  • Immunization Details: Shows all entered immunization data.
  • Immunization Summary: Shows count of each type of entered immunization.
  • Emergency Cards: Emergency Contact Cards.
  • Mailing Labels for Parents.

Change History and Deleted Records

When crucial information is updated or transactions are voided, a change history is maintained preventing accidental loss of important information.

Report Making Tools

iCare includes some of the best report making tools - such as, smart search, advanced filtering, drill-down, math functions, and add/remove columns. For details see section on Reporting.

Site Designation

Using role management and site designation - corporate or local - you can set which user can see what records assuring data privacy and security.

See how iCare’s childcare management application can help you today!

Immunization and Medical

Immunization schedules are preloaded in iCare and renewal periods for medical records can be set by the admin. These dates are tied to alerts and notifications, so the records are updated on a timely manner.

Age-Based Rooms

Center license capacity is based on the size of the rooms and profitability depends of how full each room is throughout the day. The slot availability report will help you see in which room and at what times slots are available so you can focus on filling them.

Required Documents

For your licensing and management of your business you must keep documents like permission for field trips or picture, waivers, and drivers license. iCare provides not just a repository for these but using alerts and notifications it simplifies the burden of maintaining them.

Teacher Child Ratios

A live teacher-ratio ticker helps you track your ratios to make sure you are neither short or over staffed. Attendance summary and trends help you cut your costs with efficient staffing.

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