Case Study: Robindell Private School implemented iCare Software’s flexible billing software to automate complicated billing

Flexible billing software makes it easier for childcare centers to provide multiple program options that are attractive to parents. But with all that flexibility comes administrative headaches and time-consuming billing if you don’t have the right tools. Robindell Private School is a center serving 1,400 students that offers flexible programs and uses rule-based, flexible billing …

How to Use Budgeting and Forecasting In Your Childcare Center

Most people don’t find budgeting and forecasting to be a fun activity, but for business owners, it’s an essential way of knowing how they measure up to their financial goals. One crucial aspect of budgeting is forecasting, which helps you see a projection of your business’s income in the future so you can make changes …

States Tap into American Rescue Plan Dollars to Support Childcare Centers

Within the American Rescue Plan there was a provision for nearly $24 billion in stabilization grants for qualified childcare providers to maintain their pre-pandemic operations. But there was also another $350 billion of flexible funds that each state could allocate to support children in their community.  Initially when these funds were announced in the spring of 2021, the childcare …

Case Study: Children’s Workshop Brings in Extra $8K

This case study will show you the impact that billing automation can have on your bottom line and on your staffing. Workshop is a childcare center located in a prominent shopping mall within a local commuter route. But because of the nature of the local work, parents needed flexible childcare Children’s schedules and requested that …

Running A Childcare Business Successfully Is Easier With A Childcare App

Childcare businesses take so much time, effort and management. And it’s tough to know how you are managing your childcare compared to competitors. At times, administrators might feel hopeless or desperate in finding better balance in their lives. Plus, you want to improve your childcare finances.  But managing a childcare center shouldn’t feel that way. …

10 Benefits of Digital Childcare Record Keeping

Childcare administrators and classroom teachers have enough going that they don’t need to spend their day filing documents and searching for paperwork. Childcare administration software can make record keeping so much simpler.

From a parent’s feeding instructions in the infant room to developmental milestones in the “terrific threes” room, digital records will make things so simple.

Responsible for a Preschool Center’s Budget? 12 Top-Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

Running a preschool center is about more than simply providing care and education to toddlers. To run a successful business, you must balance a budget to ensure your long-term success.

Knowing where and how to invest your spending is crucial. You should operate your preschool center on a set budget that includes recurring costs and unforeseen costs like building maintenance.

Why you need more than an Accounting Software to Manage your Childcare Center

Many childcare administrators would probably list accounting tasks as the ones they would like to eliminate or simplify on their to-do list. While there are great accounting programs out there to assist businesses with their accounting, your business isn’t just any business.

Expert Tools Successful Child Care Business Owners Love

As a childcare center, preschool or Montessori, you face unique challenges with monitoring your financial health. A key to long-term success though, is strong finances and understanding how fluctuations in enrollment can affect spending and budgeting.

We have some tips to help you manage this key aspect of your business.

Simplify Your Accounting with Child Care Billing Software

Some of the most common problems faced by childcare providers include: complicated billing, not being able to collect money on time and wrong billing leading to loss of revenue. The task of managing a childcare center can be overwhelming for even the most organized people, and it can become burdensome to keep up with the complications of the center’s finances.