Empower Teachers With Classroom Management Software

Immensely Improve Child Development Outcomes.

Teachers want to focus on educating their students. Our childcare management software offers added insights and ease of managing the classroom that teachers will love.

iCare’s childcare app eliminates the need for paper roster sheets and makes taking attendance a breeze. The childcare software is also HIPAA compliant so that teachers have a holistic view of the child’s medical records on their tablet or smartphone.

Modern management software for childcare adminstration

Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking software gives teachers have an
up-to-date roster that they can trust with confidence to have the information they need. Teachers can message parents to see what's happening if a child is late or a no-show.

iCare software to manage work and tasks of childcare centers

Stay Organized with Journaling

The journaling function allows teachers to organize their notes. Our preschool software tailors the journal according to which classroom a teacher is in or the time of day so that category tagging is intelligent. Different categories show for lunchtime than for circle time so that with a couple clicks, your teachers can take good notes and stay in touch with parents throughout the day.

Build your customer trust by childcare management software

Easily Chat with Parents

Keep parents engaged in their child's education through strong communication. The more you communicate, the more connected parents can feel. Share details about a child's day, so that parents can easily pick up where you left off with a child's care.

iCare software to manage students enrollments

Time Management

For teachers, time is precious. Our childcare management software helps teachers manage their time so they can maximize it. Plan out your curriculum using the built-in tools so you can see what you are focusing on each day.