Make a Parent's Day

Build Customer Loyalty

View updates of your child throughout the day.

iCare allows teachers to update parents.


Take photos directly from the software using a tablet or smartphone and tag the children pictured. The parents of those children will all get notified of the new photo and be able to see it from anywhere on their phones. The photos stay secure compared with posting to social media where you need parent permission to showcase the kids.


Throughout the day, you can tell parents what activities their children are doing by tagging the children in the activities within iCare. This showcases what children are learning about and highlights the worth of your daycare in preparing their children for primary school.


Chat with parents from iCare. Your daycare software makes it easy to communicate with parents to ask questions or check in throughout the day. This way you don’t have to have contact sheets and paper files where you have to look up the contact information for your students every time you have a question.

iCare software provides more touch points with parents.