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5 ways technology engages families in the classroom

It’s another normal day at your childcare facility or school. Parents hug their kids goodbye and hope that everything goes well while they’re at work or out for the day. In contrast, when the kids stay with grandma for the weekend, the parents get regular updates throughout the day, but the work days are long without their little ones.

Technology is helping to bridge this gap of time and provide peace of mind for families by engaging them in their child’s early development even while parents are at work. This opens doors for parents to talk with their children after school about the activities they enjoyed and provide learning moments and engagement opportunities for any trouble spots the teachers mentioned.

Here are 5 ways technology engages families in childcare:

  1. Keep the conversation going. Technology opens doors for two-way communication throughout the day between parents and teachers. For example, when a parent drops their children off for childcare, they might mention their child hasn’t seemed normal or might be struggling with something. This concern can be eased if they get a note from the teacher a few hours later saying they’re eating and playing normally. Or a teacher might express concern over abnormal behavior during the school day that the parent can watch for throughout the evening and report back on. It’s a partnership that helps raise amazing children.
  2. Showcase appropriate technology use. If children see from a young age appropriate use of technology in the classroom and learn moderation, they learn the benefits and discipline to use technology to its full capacity while still appreciating traditional modes of learning. Instilling in children an enjoyment for educational mobile applications can benefit them long term to not just play any mobile app games, but ones that enhance their lifelong learning.
  3. Remind your educators to use technology as a tool to enhance relationships, but never forget that nothing beats face-to-face time with parents at drop off, pick up and open house nights. Technology is a great tool to keep the conversation going all day long, but does not serve as a replacement.
  4. Engage children through technology. Show and tell can be difficult for preschoolers to remember why they brought in an item or what story they were going to tell. Parents can get engaged in their child’s education by taking photos and videos of their children presenting show and tell that can be played in the classroom. This gives parents a role in education and pride in what their children are learning. The videos and photos can also be a great keepsake as a reminder of what their children learned at your facility.
  5. Use technology to share tips with parents in the masses. If you have an online forum or email listserv, you can share tips on books children enjoy in the classroom so parents can read them at home too. You can also share information about good educational mobile apps and board games that can encourage learning to happen outside the classroom as well.

To maximize your childcare facilityu2019s engagement with families, implement a childcare management software like iCare Child Care Software. iCare builds customer loyalty, helps facilitate education and simplifies administration for facility managers.

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