Increase Subsidies with These Childcare Success Tools

iCare Journal Templates Customized by State There’s a very fine line between profitability and financial hardships when it comes to how to run a successful daycare business. Accurate documentation, billing and invoicing are all crucial in ensuring your success. Early childhood education software can be a huge asset to provide the necessary child success tools. …

Ready to boost your childcare center’s ROI? Look to automation

Saving money can be just as good as making money. And for childcare centers, improving ROI can be as simple as implementing automation into your workflows. The reality is, a childcare business takes many hours of support staff time to operate. From billing to staffing to supplies ordering, childcare management is full of tedious tasks. …

iCare Parent Portal

Offering the parents of the students who attend your childcare center an online portal has two big benefits. A self-service portal can both increase their customer satisfaction and save your center administrative time. And when customers and staff are happy, you are more likely to retain those customers and staff, which benefits your center. Your …

5 Professional Qualities that Standout in Preschool Child Care

Childcare can be a challenging profession. There are 5 qualities that the really great childcare professionals tend to have. Here are those qualities so you can watch out for them as you work to build a winning team.

A great preschool teacher or administrator is patient because young children tend to ask repeat questions and need constant reminders of the same things over and over again. Children have energy galore and may need to be pulled back into the learning scene repeatedly throughout the day as they try to expel all that energy.