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Make it a Happy and Stress-Free Holiday Season at your Childcare Center

As a childcare administrator, your job can be stressful with ensuring your classroom stays safe, well-cared for and content. Adding in the stress of the holidays and all there is to get done can be more than you can take. As the holidays approach, be sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the season with these tips.

Manage your time

If the list of things to do around the holidays has you bogged down, set realistic goals each week and day leading up to the holidays to break up your to-do list. Get out the tree and decorations in one night, set it up and put the lights on another night, and then add garland and ornaments a final night so that the task is more easily accomplished.

When managing your time, also be sure to say no when you really need to. The holidays tend to include multiple celebrations and invitations to parties from acquaintances across work, family and friends. Prioritize the parties you really want to attend and the people that matter most this time of year, and set up luncheons and other get-togethers to see everyone else after the holidays when you have more free time.

Forget perfection

Your gingerbread house doesn’t have to have 90-degree angles in the corners or make the witch from Hansel and Gretel jealous. Remember that this season should be fun. Take time to enjoy the little moments, and don’t make yourself crazy.

This is also true about your work activities. Remember that your holiday crafts and activities with the children should be fun. Don’t stress out over the little details and just focus on ensuring the children are learning and growing from the holiday experience.

In the age of social media, it can be easy to look at what your friends are doing and feel like you’re not doing enough for the holidays. Instead, focus on what you are accomplishing and start new, simpler traditions where you need to for ensuring stress-free holidays.

Plan for you time

A large part of the joy of the holiday is found in giving to others, but as someone who gives a lot to others as part of your job, you need to build in you time. Give yourself a holiday present of a spa day.

If you’re worried you can’t sacrifice a whole day to treat yourself, do something simple like a latte and time at the coffee shop to enjoy a good book. Or maybe unwind with some time at the gym or a short run outside in the crisp air. No matter how you do it, ensuring quality quiet and relaxation time is important this time of year.

Stick to a budget

Much of the holiday stress can come from the added expense of the holidays. Take some time to sit down and prioritize your budget. Planning ahead ensures you don’t get overwhelmed later.

Choose how much to spend on gifts, decorations and special outings for the holidays and then stick to it. Staying true to a budget can be the hardest part, but in the end, it will provide a guideline for this busy season that will keep you from getting into financial trouble.

Reduce stress at work

Child care software can unload some stress as well. Managers and directors can ensure good documentation of student activities as well as attendance, security, reporting, messaging and staffing. Learn more at iCare Software.

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