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How to feel good about how you are managing your childcare

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Childcare businesses take so much time, effort and management. At times, administrators might feel hopeless or desperate in finding better balance in their lives and improving the finances of their childcare center. 

But managing a childcare center shouldn’t feel that way. You can feel fulfilled and happy with your childcare business while also being financially stable.

Hire the right team

Trying to do it all can create a major feeling of burnout and stress. With the right team behind you, delegation can simplify your to-do list while still operating an outstanding childcare center.

A marketing expert, accountant and human resources manager can make a large difference for larger childcare centers. Perhaps these individuals spend just a couple hours a week in the office doing these functions while spending the rest of their time teaching so you don’t need an enormous staff.

Staffing teachers can be the most stressful function as a childcare administrator, but it doesn’t have to be. Childcare management software can make it simple to use attendance data to inform staffing decisions. Knowing how many children will be at your childcare center each day makes it so much easier to staff.

Maximize your childcare management software

Childcare administrators sometimes think that using a separate finance and accounting system from their childcare management software makes sense. While you might have had such a system before adopting childcare management software, it’s in your best interest to merge all of your digital needs under one platform.

When the various areas of your childcare work harmoniously, your ROI improves, and you can spend less time pulling over information from one system to another. Staffing, supplies ordering, communicating with parents and so much more will be simple the more you integrate it all under one roof of technology.

Do some networking

Sometimes business owners are afraid to network because they might give away their trade secrets and lose their competitive edge. In reality, only the childcare centers within a close proximity to yours are likely to be your true competitors.

So attend some conferences, reach out to centers you’ve seen that you respect or would like to emulate and start improving and streamlining your center based on best practices. You can’t learn best practices without opening yourself up to new thoughts, new opportunities and the experience of childcare veterans. 

Survey the parents at your center

If you want to know areas of improvement or things you should be doing more of, ask your customers. Parents will more than likely be happy to share their thoughts to help you improve. Their opinions are extremely valuable so take the time to listen and make tweaks.

The happier your parents are, the more likely you are to get referrals and the less likely you are to see large turnover and keep recruiting new students to your center. A roadmap for the future will help you feel hopeful for the future and success for your childcare center.

iCare Software is a leading childcare software designed to help administrators do their jobs, teachers enjoy the classroom and parents feel more connected to their child’s care. Learn more about what we have to offer your childcare center.

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