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Getting your classroom back on track after Memorial Day

Youu2019re sluggish and your students just want to run and play. Yep, itu2019s definitely the day after a holiday in the classroom. Memorial Day provides a much-needed break from the busyness of routine but getting your classroom back on track after a holiday can be tough.

There are some tactics to help you recover from a holiday break and stay on track for your weekly learning plan. Check out these tips.

Start class with a physical activity

If youu2019re teachers are struggling to focus after a long weekend, imagine what the students feel like. Get the classroom moving to start the day. You can start your day on the playground for some brief time to allow the children to expel some energy or keep the activity inside the classroom with an active song like Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes. Do whatever works best for your dayu2019s programming to get everyone moving.

Share holiday experiences

Children might have had adventures over the holiday weekend that they would like to share. Providing an outlet for this discussion can help refocus the classroom and calm the chatter throughout the day.

Allow for show and tell where children can share their weekend activities. It may be difficult to get the rest of the classroom to sit still while listening to other children share so keep it moving pretty quickly to hold the attention of your students.

Set up your classroom differently

As children start to get summer brain and squirm more to get outdoors, try something new. Set up the classroom in a new format to encourage creativity. Focus on bringing the outdoors inside to start celebrating the season. This can be with live plants or activities that focus on the season. Check out the iCare Software Facebook page for activity ideas.

The change in pace can help children refocus and learn in the updated environment. It doesnu2019t take much to provide this change so talk with your teachers about ways they could reorganize the classroom this week.

Encourage routine

Chances are, your students had little to no routine over the holiday weekend. While we all need that break from time to time, getting back into routine can be difficult, even for young people.

Take some time to recognize the difference in routine your students experienced. Now talk to the class about good routines and how to showcase them in the classroom. Remind children of what to expect in the classroom this week to help them refocus and restructure the day.

Make expectations clear

Children need constant reminders of what is expected of them. Have a conversation about the importance of not talking over the other students in the classroom, how to stay in line when theyu2019re asked to and how you want them to clean up when you say itu2019s time to do so.

These gentle reminders will help the day go more smoothly as you try to get the classroom back on track from the holiday.

As an administrator, you can help ease holiday brain by making your administrative duties easier to get back into the swing of. iCare’s Child Care Software makes your day-to-day management of a childcare center, Montessori or preschool simpler to help you focus on what matters u2013 your students.

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