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School Calendar Software to Bring Your School Into the 21st Century

Imagine this. You hand your school’s calendar of events to your students and tell them to be sure mom or dad gets it. It goes in a backpack full of other trinkets and school supplies. Months later mom or dad cleans out the backpack and finds the calendar and realizes why they didn’t know about your great events until it was too late.

This school year move your school calendars into the 21st century by using a school calendar software. There are many options on the market to help you modernize how you share your schedule with parents.

Google Calendar

The Google suite of office tools is something most people are familiar with, which might make Google Calendar an attractive way of moving your calendars digital. With Google Calendar, you can send event invitations to certain people or make your calendar public so that all events are visible.


Tandem gives you freedom to plan events and share just with your teachers and administrators, while other events can be shared more publicly with parents. The free version includes unlimited events, so you can plan out the whole school year in the fall and not have to touch it again unless you need to make a change.


Pinwheel helps you keep everyone apprised of what’s happening and when. From teachers to parents, no one will be surprised by an in-service day or field trip. Using this web-based platform makes it possible to collaborate and stay in the loop from anywhere you have an internet connected device.


While CalendarWiz will likely require you to pay a minor monthly fee for use, it allows for great customization and tools to help you manage your classroom and parents. Your calendar experience will be customized to an educator’s needs.


Localendar doesn’t necessarily have the fanciest interface, but it gets the job done to keep you in touch with your teachers and parents. This platform is mobile optimized for ideal viewing on the go. To remove ads to provide a more complete professional appearance for your childcare, you’ll have to pay a minor annual fee, but this platform could be a great way to introduce digital calendars to your childcare.

iCare Software

If you don’t need another tool to deal with, use a childcare software that has an integrated calendar function. iCare Software’s calendar allows for role-specific information and events. Here’s a look at what the different roles will see in the system:

  • Administrators see a high-level view of all that is happening at their center, even if it has multiple locations.
  • Staff sees their classes specific to their classroom.
  • Parents will be able to view their child’s schedule and activities.

iCare software calendar

Administrators and staff can also see children’s birthdays so that they never miss one. By having your calendar integrated with your childcare management system, you can message parents about the event their child was attending and input notes for them to know what their child learned from the experience.

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