5 Major Trends Driving The Childcare Industry In 2023

The childcare industry has spent the last few years just rolling with the changes and requirements that the COVID-19 pandemic caused. And in some areas, childcare centers have changed operations fundamentally in the quest to provide a safe and fun learning environment that puts parents at ease.  With all this change have come new trends […]

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Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

Slowly, the days are beginning to cool off. And with that comes a new set of fun activities you can complete in the classroom. As you search for autumn activities for preschoolers, think about ways to move the classroom outside to engage children and enjoy these nice days. And if you want to start planning […]

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Ideas for Celebrating July 4th at Your Center

The 4th of July is coming up fast! You can enjoy fun patriotic activities to get students in the spirit of things. Plus, since many families take vacations this time of year, it will be nice to break from the regular curriculum so that students don’t miss anything important. Childcare Activities to celebrate July 4th  […]

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What Parents Look for When Choosing a Child Care Center or a Preschool

Parents have many options when evaluating childcare centers and preschools for their children to attend. And while proximity to their work and home will be crucial and cost plays a vital role in their decision-making, parents also evaluate several other factors. The most important thing parents are looking for is the program’s quality of care. Before […]

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Introducing the New iCare Mobile Childcare App for Parents

Parents will appreciate the ability to manage their interactions with your childcare center all from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere through the new iCare Software childcare app for parents. And soon, teachers will be able to log into that same app to interact with parents seamlessly.  No need to worry about multiple apps on your […]

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Safe Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Halloween activities can be tons of fun with preschoolers. Their eyes fill with wonder as they gaze upon pumpkins, cornfields and scarecrows while chasing down their favorite candy while trick or treating. And although the holiday holds many fun treats and experiences, it can also carry some risks with it if you aren’t careful. Learn […]

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A Good Childcare Health and Safety Policy Inspires Confidence

Do you have a childcare health and safety policy? This can go a long way to assure parents that they made a good decision when they chose your childcare center.  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the childcare industry, many parents struggled to find centers that met their expectations and needs. Post-pandemic, there are fewer childcare […]

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Dealing with Pandemic-induced Separation Anxiety in Children

Many businesses are beginning to require that employees return to the office full-time. And with that, children are returning to daycare. After so much time with their parents, separation anxiety in children will likely be common this school year. Over the last year and a half throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have been able to give children […]

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Using Child Care Scheduling Software Can Help Improve Your Margins

Child care scheduling software can make it easier for your center to save money in staff scheduling. We know running a profitable childcare center is certainly not easy. Filling unfilled attendance spots means more revenue. But it also makes staffing more complicated because you can over schedule staff and lose revenue. The right balance is […]

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How to increase enrollment in daycare during slow economic times

At the start of the year, the childcare industry was thriving right alongside the economy. But as the year progressed, changes to everyday business practices in the fight to curb the coronavirus caused the economy to suffer and childcare businesses were no exception. It requires these businesses get creative about how to increase enrollment in […]

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