iCare Childcare Management Software

Step #2
Managing Rooms

Follow the steps to have iCare Software running in your Center.  Please follow along through our 7 Steps to Success Video Tutorial.  For additional guidance please download our “Getting Started Guide”
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Create a Room

Click Add Room to create rooms with capacity, max children and age range. Update room capacity or any other information at any time by first hovering on a row then click on the edit (pencil) icon, and click the check-mark to save.

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Manage Rooms

Use the Update Room Assignments
1) Action drop down to move/transfer children or staff from one room to another
2) Select children or Staff to move
3) Select the room to empty/move from and the room to add to
4) Select the children (or staff) to move
5) click Move
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Age-Based Rooms

Age-based rooms (or age-based groups) are used for managing child-teacher ratios at your education center.  When you add a room, a program by the same name is added automatically. Each room may have multiple programs associated with it.

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