Stop working long hours in your child care center

Stop working long hours in your child care center

Amy has three new students starting at her child care next week. It’s both an exciting time and a stressful time for her. She has to enroll them each in the right programs. That means hours of manual labor for each program.

It would be so much easier if the parents could input some of this information since they know it off the top of their heads. That would be so much simpler than having them fill out forms and Amy having to copy those over into each program to make sure they’re enrolled properly.

Two of the three students are on a flexible schedule. That means time to communicate to her teachers how to document attendance so that she can go in and bill them every week. It will probably mean some extra time every Friday to bill it properly, but she’s used to it at this point. Offering flexible scheduling is the only way she can stay competitive.

Once she’s done enrolling the three new students, she will shift her focus to running credit cards and processing payment checks because there’s just no better way for her to manage it all in her current state.

Adding three new students also means Amy has to recalculate her staffing. Each classroom has a different capacity and student-to-teacher ratio. And if she doesn’t finish that process today, she won’t have time to communicate to her teachers their new hours and book some substitutes if needed.

She worked from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. yesterday. Amy looks at the clock. It’s already 5 p.m. so it’s probably another late night much like last night. A call to her husband is probably in order because it’s probably another take-out night for her family because she had volunteered to go to the store on her way home to grab some things from the store.

A lack of automated processes makes it so much more difficult for Amy. There is a simpler way to manage it all without the long hours though. Child care management software can offer a simpler and more efficient way of doing all of these tasks for Amy.

A true 9-to-5 job for child care administrators

Once Amy’s child care center took the leap and added child care management software iCare Software, she started working a true 9-to-5 job. She always loved child care, but now she loves it even more that she has better work-life balance. Plus, her teachers like their boss even more now that she works less because she’s so pleasant to be around with less stress.

Her enrollment of the three new students was a breeze. The parents input the information, and in the background, Amy just made a few clicks and enrolled them into the appropriate programs.

For the flexible scheduled students, she was able to easily set up their billing so that it’s automated based on the attendance her teachers already input into the system each day. She won’t have to touch their set up again unless they change to being part time or full time.

With one report, Amy knows she needs to call in one substitute next week now that she has the added three students. She’ll be home at a great time tonight to get the groceries and enjoy dinner with her family.

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