Stop Working Long Hours

24 hours in a day never seems like enough and spending most of those hours at work isn’t what anyone wants to do. Stop working long hours by implementing daycare software. iCare Software can save you time to focus on the children in your daycare and enjoy some more you time.

You can save time with iCare and stop working long hours by.


Eliminating repetitive tasks. iCare makes it easy to add notes about multiple children at once. A teacher can enter notes about more than one child and the dropdowns in the form that populates are related to the activity selected.


Automating payments. With automatic payments, you won’t have to spend long hours creating invoices and following up with parents to ensure you’ve received their payments.


Simplifying enrollment. If your daycare has multiple locations, you can use the same payment formulas across all locations to simplify your enrollment process.

With iCare Software you can have more precious time back in your day to focus on what matters. Start your three-month trial now.