Using digital marketing to reach millennial parents

Using digital marketing to reach millennial parents

The majority of today’s parents are members of the millennial generation. As a childcare provider, it’s important to understand the people you’re trying to reach: millennial moms and dads. This particular generation is different from preceding generations of parents in a lot of ways. One of the biggest ways these differences impact your child care business is how much millennial parents rely on digital technology in their everyday lives. 

The internet is second nature for millennial parents who have a smartphone in hand practically 24/7. These moms and dads spend a lot of time online. You should be online too if you want to catch their attention. Digital marketing is an essential piece of a successful childcare marketing strategy.

Incorporating digital marketing into your childcare center’s advertising might be easier than you think. Try adding one of these tactics to market your center to millennial parents online: 

Social media

Social media is a great way to help your center build relationships with your current families and catch the attention of new parents without having to reach for your wallet. The key to building a successful, family-centric brand on social media is engagement. Develop a consistent posting schedule, share relevant content that parents want to see, and respond to comments, messages and reviews. 


Investing in a website is a smart idea if you want to attract millennial parents. Google and other online tools are often the first place most young moms and dads look for parenting information, including childcare. You want to make a good impression on them! Showcase your center’s best features, keep your brand consistent, and make your website easy to use with a mobile-friendly design.


Blogging is an extremely effective, low-cost digital marketing tool for your childcare center. Most importantly, blogging increases relevant website traffic and improves search engine performance. It also helps you connect with millennial moms and dads on a personal level. You can repurpose your blog posts for awesome social media and email content too! 

Email newsletters

Keeping in touch with families with a weekly or monthly newsletter keeps a line of communication open between your daycare and parents. Email is convenient for busy millennial parents and it gives you the opportunity to link to your website and social media profiles for more details. Email marketing has the power to be one of your most effective digital marketing tactics when you follow best practices.

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